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Texas: Quinn Ewers - My 2024 Heisman Winner

Quinn Ewers is BACK Longhorns fans! I have been waiting for this moment to predict this:

Quinn Ewers WILL WIN the 2024 Heisman.

First, I wanted to let the Longhorns fans watch Ewers announcement in case you missed it.

Quinn Announcement

I know I am irrational sometimes when it comes to the Longhorns. I bleed burnt orange. My father's Silver Spurs are on the shelf behind me as I write this right now. My Longhorn daughter was the FIRST person I texted with the news. I am in the middle of multiple generations of Longhorns. I am who I am.


I am also the most objective and data driven fan you have ever met. I frustrate Astros fans weekly with my data driven approach to my beloved baseball team. When I tell you that Quinn Ewers will win the Heisman, I am being only slightly hyperbolic.

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Now let's continue. Let me say this too. This is my opinion based on a set of facts I am about to share with you.

The top five quarterbacks receiving Heisman votes in 2023 were the following: Daniels, Penix, Nix, Travis, and Milroe.

Here are the attempts and quarterback ratings for those five QBs and Ewers during their careers.

Top QBs

Quinn's QBR was BETTER than Penix and Travis this season. Did you know THAT? I didn't.

Quinn Ewers did that in his second season. Not his fifth or six like most of these guys. One could argue Milroe will be better in 2024 except Alabama is about to be in the most massive talent flux you have ever witnessed as a college football fan.

Two others

There you go- Quinn will win the Heisman next season. OK, before I crown Ewers as the Heisman winner, there are two more that really could challenge Quinn for the award.

Dillon Gabriel (now in Oregon) and Carson Beck (still in Georgia) are probably the two most likely to compete with Ewers for the best QB in college football next year.

How do these seasons compare by the experience level of this group?

Here are the QBRs plotted by year for each.

Ratings vs. Year

Quinn Ewers had a better season than any of these had in their second seasons except for Carson Beck's 35 attempts in his second season. Quinn Ewers was likely MORE valuable than ANY of these star QBs in their second seasons in 2023.

We can also compare the seasons by the cumulative pass attempts.

Rating vs. Attempts

Quinn Ewers' 158.6 rating in the 2023 season where he completed his 690th career pass is as good or better than all of the other QBs except Beck and Milroe. Those two might be better but teams will have more data to game plan against them with than they did going into the 2023 season.

PLEASE remember this data when people try to say Arch Manning is going to take over for Quinn Ewers in 2024. Quinn Ewers is possibly the BEST quarterback in college football next season. Don't worry Arch Manning's time will come.

Texas fans, Quinn Ewers was GREAT for a top QB at his experience level in 2023. You should be very excited to see what he can do in his third season. I will go into 2024 hoping for a Heisman level performance.

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