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Texas/ NCAA - Hey SEC, For the CFP Scheduling Matters

If #SEC schools want the benefit of the doubt at a time like this, then stop scheduling FCS teams.

SOS- Strength of Schedule

Big 10 - 4.07

Pac-12 - 3.96

Big 12 - 3.84

SEC - 3.11

You are right Greg Sankey. One of these is truly not like the others.

ACC, you are even worse.

ACC - 2.43

As far as the specific teams being debated for a playoff spot

Texas - 6.07 (2nd)

Alabama - 4.92 (12th)

Florida State - 1.93 (58th)

Georgia - 1.81 (59th)

Note adding other teams because some have asked

Michigan - 4.25 (23rd)

Washington - 5.66 (4th)

Ohio St. - 4.84 (15th)

No matter who you ask about TEXAS, has a better schedule. No matter who you ask about, Georgia has the worst schedule.

SRS - Simple Rating System

Texas - 21.37 (3rd)

Florida State - 18.39 (6th)

Georgia - 18.04 (8th)

Alabama - 17.92 (9th)

Being 8th and 9th shouldn't qualify you for a four-team playoff, SEC.

Note adding other teams because some have asked

Michigan - 24.48 (1st)

Washington - 18.35 (7th)

Ohio St. - 21.59 (2nd)

Of all of the debatable teams, no matter who you ask about, TEXAS has a better SRS unless you think the B1G deserves two teams (no one does). Of all of the debatable teams, no matter who you ask about, Georgia and Alabama have the worst SRS.

SRS -- Simple Rating System; a rating that takes into account average point differential and strength of schedule. The rating is denominated in points above/below average, where zero is average.

Some of the SEC’s tough opponents

Georgia- Tennessee- Martin

Alabama- Chattanooga

Ole Miss- Mercer

Missouri- South Dakota

LSU- Grambling State

Tennessee- Austin Peay

Texas A&M- Abilene Christian

Kentucky- Eastern Kentucky

Auburn- Samford

Florida State is guilty of cupcaking too with North Alabama

Do you know who is NOT guilty of cupcaking?

Texas, that's why their strength of schedule is SECOND in the country. Texas' out of conference opponents.

Rice, AAC, 6-6

@Alabama, SEC, 12-1

Wyoming, MW, 8-4

IF the College Football Playoff (CFP) committee wants teams to EVER schedule tough out-of-conference teams on the road again, they MUST let the NCAA world and specifically the SEC know SCHEDULING MATTERS and put Texas in the playoff.

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