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Texas Longhorns: Quinn Ewers is BETTER Than Most Think

In my My 2023 Texas Longhorns Season Predictions ( I wrote several things about the 2023 season including:

"On offense, the Longhorns should be a juggernaut IF Quinn Ewers is able to take a step forward. So much of the Longhorns season depends on Ewers. You tell me what you think of Ewers, and I can probably predict what you think the Texas record will be this season."

"Last year the Longhorns averaged 34.5 points per game. My prediction below says the 2023 Horns will average 35.7 points per game. Why would the Horns score more after losing their top two RB? Ask yourself will Quinn Ewers be better than

K.J. Jefferson ____

Stetson Bennett ____

Frank Harris ____

Max Duggan ____

Hudson Card ____

J.J. McCarthy ____

Dillon Gabriel ____

Will Levis ____

Tanner Mordecai ____

Sean Clifford ____

Casey Thompson ____

In 2022, Quinn Ewers had a 132.6 Quarterback Rating. EVERY one of the QBs listed had a QBR of 150-165. Folks, he is going to be better. A lot better.

If I told you Ewers had these stats at the end of the 2023 season, could you believe it?

That is the AVERAGE of the 10 QBs listed not named Card above. Do you think he can meet those numbers?

The improvement on each of these metrics is significant but I truly believe are attainable."

That is what I said and more in this article. We know the Longhorns are 10-1 but there seems to be some disagreement about Ewers.

The Longhorns should have at least three more games to their season (11/24 vs. Texas Tech, 12/2 in Big 12 Championship game, and Bowl Game/ CFP).

Multiple Longhorns fans seem very frustrated with Ewers. Many fans upon hearing Ewers might return next season actually believe Arch Manning will start over him in 2024.

This makes one thing VERY CLEAR to me.

Quinn Ewers is BETTER than most people think he is playing for the Texas Longhorns.

Let me prove it.

Who would you say are the greatest passing quarterbacks in UT football history?

Colt McCoy?

Sam Ehlinger?

Vince Young?

The first two by the statistics would be the correct answers. How does Ewers compare?

Ewers in his sophomore year is ALREADY the second-best quarterback statistically in school history. The above chart is actually the players career statistics. How does Ewers's SOPHOMORE season compare to the other four's SOPHOMORE seasons?

At a QB rating of 162 THIS YEAR, Ewers is by far better than the other four. If one projects his 2023 to three more games, Ewers would have more yards and more yards per attempt than ANY of these previous great UT QB seasons. He is having a BETTER season than I thought it was reasonable to project him to have.

I repeat, Quinn Ewers is BETTER than most people think he is.

Ewers is currently 14th in the NCAA FBS among qualified quarterbacks.

Ewers is the ONLY player on this list that is playing in his second year of experience. Yes, he is in his third year of college (after skipping his senior year in high school), but he never threw a pass at Ohio St. Ewers is having a very good season. Ewers is having a GREAT season for a QB playing in his second season.

Ewers has had THIS season while playing several games this year NOT at 100% physically.

I repeat, Quinn Ewers is BETTER than most people think he is.

Consider this also:

  • Colt McCoy went from 139.2 QBR in his sophomore to 173.8 QBR in his junior year. McCoy's Junior season at QB was probably the greatest QB season in Texas History.

  • Sam Ehlinger went from 146.8 to 151.8.

  • Vince Young went from 128.4 to 163.9.

For the folks that want to start a red shirt freshman next year who has NEVER seen the field this year instead of a Junior with over twenty games of experience, are you SURE?

Quinn Ewers is BETTER than most people think he is.

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