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Quick Bites- How the Astros Will Manage the Roster NOW

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Around the league in advance of the September 1st roster expansion MANY players are being DFAed to create space for players the teams want to add in a couple of days and for likely postseason teams players those teams want to have eligible for potentially the post season roster without trying to get the injury waiver route.

Today it has been leaked that the Astros plan to

- Option Jake Meyers to AAA

- Add Yainer Diaz (8/30/22?) to the 40 man and the 26-man roster replacing Meyers- he will be eligible for the postseason roster- THIS WILL REQUIRE A DFA

- Add Hunter Brown (9/1/22) to the 40-man and the 28-man roster - if after 8/31/22 he could be eligible for the post season roster via injury waiver (see below)- THIS WILL REQUIRE A DFA

To add Diaz and Brown TWO players will have to be pulled from the 40-man roster.

I do not think the Astros are done with the 40-man. The following players are potential DFAs



Blanco- suggested by "Stros Lifer" and I have to agree 29 years old


Bielak (8/31/22 Remove from this list)


I put these in the order I expect them. Please note this DOES NOT mean they will leave. With the volumes of players being DFAed right now front offices will be working overtime in evaluating and claiming players. Do not be surprised if the Astros claim a player as well.

9/1/22 - The Astros did DFA Goodrum and Solomon. Good luck to these guys. If they clear waivers they could return off of the 40-man roster.

You might be mad at me about the players on this list. I am just reflecting the TEAM'S seeming commitment to THESE players vs. Brown/ Diaz/ and Others.

I expect the Astros will also add

JJ Matijevik (9/1)

POSSIBLY Corey Julks (IF IF Alvarez has to got to the 10-day IL)- will require a DFA

POSSIBLY Parker Muchinski (LHRP)

8/30/22 Note - the order is a bit different than first reported and JV news

Jake Meyers optioned to AAA (8/29/22)

JJ Matijevic recalled to Astros (8/30/22)

JV to 15-day IL - right calf fascial disruption (8/30/22)

Bielak recalled to 26-man active roster (8/30/22)

Brown added to the Taxi Squad (8/30/22)

I will add more here as the moves become official

The next steps I THINK

Brown added to 40-man and added to 28-man (9/1)

Blanco is DFAed

Diaz added to 40-man and added to 28-man (9/1)

Goodrum is DFAed

Another note

Josh James is in Rehab assignment and NOT on 40-man. He too will need to be added to the 40-man in September- will require a DFA

About Diaz

Adam Wexler tweeted this and it does a great job of profiling Diaz @AdamJWexler

#Astros prospect Yanier Diaz has started 44 gms at 1B, 66 at C, 14 at DH, 5 in OF since being acquired at the trade deadline last season from CLE (Maton/Diaz for Straw).

2022 season:

AA: 9 HR, 48 RBI, .316 BA, .871 OPS in 57 gms

AAA: 16 HR, 48 RBI, .294 BA, .930 OPS in 48 gms

Diaz's position flexibility is a HUGE bonus.

Post Season Roster Rules and Eligibility (per

In a typical season, any player who is on the 40-man roster or 60-day injured list as of 11:59 p.m. ET on Aug. 31 is eligible for the postseason.

Those on the restricted list at that point are also eligible if they haven't been suspended for performance-enhancing drugs during that season. (All players who have served a suspension for PEDs in a given season are ineligible for postseason play that year.)

A player who doesn't meet said criteria for postseason eligibility can still be added to a team's roster in the postseason via petition to the Commissioner's Office if the player was in the organization on Aug. 31 and is replacing someone who is on the injured list and has served the minimum amount of time required for activation. (For example, a player on the 10-day injured list who has been on it for at least 10 days, or a player who has been on the 60-day injured list for at least 60 days.) (THIS IS HOW BROWN COULD BE ELIGIBLE)

Players who are acquired in September or after are ineligible.

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