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Quick bite- Steps to Maldy showdown

  • Yainer getting more playing time and doing well. Dusty is refusing to do this because he knows he will look stupid the more Diaz plays.

  • Lee raking in AAA

  • Pitcher or pitchers complaining to pitching coaches- this will never be public

  • Maldy to act out again and embarrassing the fans and owner.

  • Team stays in funk.

  • Fan discontent grows with the team

  • Other blogs call for change- WE HAVE THIS!! Per Crawfish Boxes:

"I’d say demoting Maldonado to backup would normally be sufficient, but as long as he’s around, it seems that Dusty Baker will put him behind the plate for 80% of the games. If so, Maldonado should go."

  • Crane sees fans getting upset

  • Brown continues campaign to get Diaz and Lee more involved paying time.

  • Dusty refuses to listen to front office

  • Dana Brown executes one of three options

  • Maldy is sent to 60-day IL- he is held there in case they decide they need him in September

  • Maldy is traded

  • Maldy is waived and then released

We only have the start of one step.

Odds Maldy is gone before season is over - less than 5 percent. This is up from zero before the season.

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