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Quick bite- Steps to Maldy showdown

  • Yainer getting more playing time and doing well. Dusty is refusing to do this because he knows he will look stupid the more Diaz plays.

  • Lee raking in AAA

  • Pitcher or pitchers complaining to pitching coaches- this will never be public

  • Maldy to act out again and embarrassing the fans and owner.

  • Team stays in funk.

  • Fan discontent grows with the team

  • Other blogs call for change- WE HAVE THIS!! Per Crawfish Boxes:

"I’d say demoting Maldonado to backup would normally be sufficient, but as long as he’s around, it seems that Dusty Baker will put him behind the plate for 80% of the games. If so, Maldonado should go."

  • Crane sees fans getting upset

  • Brown continues campaign to get Diaz and Lee more involved paying time.

  • Dusty refuses to listen to front office

  • Dana Brown executes one of three options

    • Maldy is sent to 60-day IL- he is held there in case they decide they need him in September

    • Maldy is traded

    • Maldy is waived and then released

We only have the start of one step.

Odds Maldy is gone before season is over - less than 5 percent. This is up from zero before the season.


My belief is that Dusty will stay the course due to his belief in supporting his veterans to try to ensure club house calm. I also think that is nuts. Professional sports is about performance. The team is limping along right now. Injuries coukd easily sink our ship. Every win is critical. I don’t think Crane will back Brown over Dusty. Brown has sent obvious message thru the media that he gets the Maldy issue. Beloved, by national media and club house, Dusty is not getting canned over Maldy. Thus, if injuries and continued crappy performances by Breggy, Abreu, Maldy and others ruin our season, Crane really bears the blame. We have 3 divisional rivals that improved this season wit…


Michael Stephens
Michael Stephens
May 04, 2023

What did Maldy do to act out in the offseason? I must have missed that.

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