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Quick Bite- Pitching Stats That Should Concern You Astros Fans

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

The Astros Pitching has the best ERA in all of the MLB. They are invincible right?

Even Bielak, France, and Blanco all have ERAs under four. THAT is incredible for a team's sixth. seventh, and eighth starters. There is a concern however- these player's FIPs.

Per the website

Fielding Independent Pitching (FIP)


FIP is similar to ERA, but it focuses solely on the events a pitcher has the most control over -- strikeouts, unintentional walks, hit-by-pitches and home runs. It entirely removes results on balls hit into the field of play.

For example: If a pitcher has surrendered a high average on balls in play, his FIP will likely be lower than his ERA. Balls in play are not part of the FIP equation because a pitcher is believed to have limited control over their outcome.

FIP is often a better predictor of future pitching success than ERA. As you can see these four Astros SPs have terrible FIPs.

ERA and FIP data

What does it mean?

Don't be surprised IF any of these pitchers has a rough game or multiple rough games. THIS is the kind of data the Astros front office needs to consider when determining IF they pursue starting pitching help at the trade deadline. I say they will.

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