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Quick Bite: Loperfido Case Study

Why do I focus on xwOBA and BABIP and Projected Stats so much?

Because the teams do

Today's case study- Joey Loperfido

Stat and rank on the Astros

OPS 0.817 4th

wOBA 0.363 3rd

wRC+ 137 3rd

OPS+ 137 3rd

xwOBA 0.304 9th (Below League Average - 0.309)


Projected ROS wRC+

Abreu 102

Loperfido 95

YOU may demand that you know what is and will happen. The advanced algorithms do not agree with you.... at least not yet.

Please remember over 2023-2024 that Joey Loperfido is hitting 114 wRC+ in AAA (260 PA). That would make an MLB projection of 90-95 EXTREMELY REASONABLE.

Loperfido got a taste. He knows the things he needs to work on. He may not be down long if Abreu is who you think he is.

Don't discount the franchise desire to optimize his service time too.

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