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Questions that SHOULD Have Been Asked in the Astros Press Conference

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

"Jim, Why are you having this press conference without your GM? Doesn't Dusty work for him? Yes you hired Dusty first but the manager in all functional MLB structures works for the GM. In the very least should not Click be on the video link if he is still acting as your GM?"

Here is me sharing this article with a few additional thoughts (9 min total) on the YouTube Channel. Please subscribe to the channel and like this video.

"Jim since you are running the personnel decisions today, can you tell us who has and has not opted out of options? Specifically, has Verlander opted out or not?"

“Dusty can you please clear this up for us? Did you REALLY go behind Click’s back to get Jim to veto the Contreras deal? Jim, what does it say about your faith in your GM that you would allow this to happen?

WAIT I have a follow up question!

Dusty, when you complained in the postseason about not having a viable DH, did you remember that you nixed the Contreras deal?”

“Jim, when you just said you only have one free agent, did you misspeak or is Montero the only player who is a FA that you want back? So you have no interest in Verlander, Brantley, Gurriel, Vazquez, Diaz, Mancini, nor Smith? Why are you even talking to JV then?

Are you making the contract decisions now or is James Click?"

"Your response to how well Click did was fairly mild. I think there would be 29 other owners that would give a more glowing report on their GM that led the front office through all of the turmoil you had to three consecutive ALCS, two World Series, and one Championship. What do you think Click needs to improve the most?"

“Jim what can YOU improve?”

These are the thing that SHOULD of been asked of these two.

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