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One Astros Trade- Every Weakness Addressed

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Here is the ONE TRADE the Astros can make to address every current weakness the team has. Right now you should say - "Larry that is crazy and won't happen." You are correct it won't, BUT what if it did.

Everyone is proposing wild and unrealistic trade options. Let me show everyone I can do that too. If you want more realistic trade opportunities, read this.

You just think you can propose a blockbuster trade. Hold my Beer.

Here is the one trade that addresses ALL of these weaknesses

- Catching - backup or starting catcher

- Center Field

- First Base

- Left Handed Relief Pitching

Here is the problem. This deal will create potentially other issues. The depth and farm system could be decimated at the top end and starting pitching will have little flexibility for injuries. Do you still want to hear the deal? Read on.

As your blog Astros GM I call the Arizona Diamondbacks GM- Mike Hazen.

"Mike, I want to talk to you about trading some of your biggest players. Mike you are not going to the postseason this year and what I am going to offer you will make you better NEXT YEAR. Before you say no hear me out Mike.

Mike, I want Daulton Varsho. You have Carson Kelly and I am willing to give you Korey Lee to be your catching pair with Kelly. We are going to have Varsho split time between C and the OF like you do. He can help us more than he can help you right now. If we give you Lee, you would only play Varsho in the outfield which makes his career 95 wRC+ mediocre at best out there. Yes he will work well for us as a platoon partner with Meyers. We will also give you McCormick who can START for you Mike. Your lineup needs a good RHH and McCormick would be perfect for you. I know Varsho is pre-Arb, but so is Lee and some of the others I will offer you.

I also want, Christian Walker. You have Pavin Smith and Seth Beer. You will be fine at 1B. Trust me you are going to like the package I offer you. Walker is 31 Mike and he is Arbitration eligible next year. Trade hime now before you have to pay him.

Mike, we have been talking about Mantiply. Yes I want him too. We need a LHRP and I know Mantiply has years of control like the other two but he is 31 and we both know this is he peak value.

So, Mike, that is what I want. Get ready to be excited Mike because we both know you need pitching. I am going to give you pitching. How about one of the best rookie pitchers last year Mike - Luis Garcia. Luis could be your ace for the rest of this season and the next 4 Mike. I am also going to give you some of my other great young arms that are MLB ready- Seth Martinez and Shawn Dubin. With your Gallen and my Garcia and Dubin, your starting pitching issues are solved for the next 4-6 years Mike.

Who else do you want Mike? I will let you pick a lower level prospect too. Pick from the prospect list here. Anyone shaded green with a value less than 3. How about Chayce McDermott? This is an amazing deal for you Mike!

Mike, we will take Corbin Martin back from you. Will feel bad that he hasn't worked out and has been so injury prone. Maybe we can do something with him still- who knows. We can have him as a potential insurance policy for us next year.

So that is

Varsho, Walker, Mantiply, and Martin


Lee, McCormick, Garcia, Martinez, Dubin, and McDermott.

Mike, here is what says about this deal. I told you this is a fair deal Mike!"

If Mike would say yes, here is why the Astros should make this deal.

- Catching - Varsho can split time with Maldy. Diaz, Berryhill, and Correa may join Varsho when they are ready. At 95 wRC+, Varsho is 10% better than the league average catcher. His defense is marginal and Maldy can be his mentor and eventually catching coach. Varsho bats LH and would be an excellent platoon partner with Maldy in 2022 and the other RHH catchers long term. Arbitration after 2023 season and FA after 2026 season.

- Center Field- Varsho gives the Astros position flexibility too. He is the rare athlete capable of catching AND playing the OF. He has played 2/3 of his games in the OF with half of those in CF. He appears to be an above average OF. Again, Varsho could platoon with Meyers in CF and help CF production (114 wRC+ vs RHP).

- First Base- While not as awesome as a Josh Bell, Walker has 110 wRC+ and is playing a great 1B defensively in 2022 (15 DRS, Gurriel -1 DRS). Walker would slot in GREAT between Alvarez and Tucker. Arbitration after this season and FA after 2024. 31 years old.

- Left Handed Relief Pitching- I wrote about Mantiply here. Many believe Mantiply IS available because the D'back would be trading him at his peak value. Arbitration after 2023 season and FA after 2026 season. 31 years old.

So there it is the ONE TRADE that can do it all for the Astros. What do you say James Click and Mike Hazen?

If you want more realistic trade opportunities, read this.

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