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New Year's Resolutions

Updated: Jan 2, 2023


I know it is cliche, but for me and the site setting some New Year's Resolutions for 2023 I think will help you all understand where my focus is for this community. I REALLY want your feedback.

First, I was not even sure I would do my customary sharing of this post. Many of you really don't care about our goals for the site and even less about my role in those goals. I know this and that is fair. However, the world needs to see how different this site is from 90% of sports media and maybe these resolutions are part of the process for that.

This site is INDEPENDENT. We have no "sources" except what we can see or understand from the data we reference. However, this means no one is telling us what we have to say to maintain those sources. If you stay here long enough with us, I think you too will see there is something different about what we do.

This leads us directly to our first resolution


In 2023, we will continue to and improve the ways we bring you objective data-based sports analysis.

Let me be clear. My priorities are:

  1. Accuracy

  2. Objectivity

  3. Popularity (it's a VERY distant third)

That means the tone of what we do here is not focused upon making anyone happy or driving clicks. I am out to tell you the truth as I see it. I don't ask for your money. I would ask you to help others see the truth by sharing content. I will do some basic things like post article links on Twitter and Facebook and occasionally do more. The truth is YOU have a very important role to how popular this site is.

This season for the Astros is likely to be challenging from a messaging standpoint. WHY? Well, this owner has decided to be the GM and ultimate architect of what happens on the field this year. When the moves he made or in some cases the moves he chose NOT to make to enable younger players to assume bigger roles work, we will be among the first to discuss the evidence of it working. If it doesn't work, we WILL NOT BE AFRAID to point it out.

Full Transparency- IF we grow enough both on the site and YouTube channel, I might be willing to sell limited ad space as long as they do not impact the content and access to the site. I do not necessarily expect that to happen. BUT if you worry that I am going to charge you someday, I don't plan on it EVER.


To make the site more responsive to YOUR input. We are going to ask for your input several times a year. Starting today (in red)

What do you want to see us do or do more in 2023? (Subscribers comment below)

There are 225 folks that have signed up for the email list and there are 134 site members. I don't know if that is good or bad. Honestly? I am here for you and not for those that have not signed up with the site. Here is some basics number for the first FULL YEAR of the site (we started in August 2021).


- Over 27,000 unique visitors to the site (89% New, 11% Returning)

- Over 61,000 Page Views

Last 30 Days

- Over 4200 unique visitors to the site (63% New, 37% Returning)

- Over 9200 Page Views

Leave it to me to even give you statistics for the site in this article. What does this data mean to me?

  1. We have a much bigger reach than anyone knows

  2. We are growing EVEN in the offseason

  3. We are becoming more and more return visitor based. I think this is good.

So, my focus in 2023 will be on those that are seeing value from the site and its content. If you want me to focus on your input, then subscribe.


In 2023, I will incorporate the YouTube channel on a regular basis and grow the interrelated content between the site and the channel.

I am thinking I want to do a WEEKLY show about the Astros and maybe another WEEKLY show about the Longhorns. I am thinking those weekly updates will include a brief review of content. Also, if you all want a video of an article, TELL me. In 2022, my goal was to launch the YouTube channel. Now the goal will be to make the channel something valuable and regular and integrated more with the site.


In 2023, I plan to increase the coverage of the Longhorns more.

I want to do a better job of covering the critical milestones and the 2023 Texas Longhorns season. Again, my Longhorns content is always going to be less analytical and more fan based. At least I will admit this to you upfront.

So, there you go- my four New Year's Resolutions for you and the site. Tell me what you think in the comment section below PLEASE.

If you liked this article or any of the others here, you really should subscribe to Be part of the team! You will get notified of new content and you can use the chat feature.

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Thanks, Larry. I’m more interested in the Astros and will probably skip the Horns content..


That’s great. Thanks Larry


Happy New Year GO ASTROS


Jan 01, 2023

Happy new years! Here’s to a great ‘23! Go Stros

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