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My Thoughts on Wagner and the Hall of Fame

I know it hurts the Astros fans that remember Wagner.

Yes, making sure the idiot Hall of Fame Voters hear how feel may facilitate Wagner being eventually inducted.

I do have two questions.

How important is truly the Hall of Fame to you?

Have you ever actually been to Cooperstown to see it?

I have. Every fans should go once if they can. The Hall of Fame is WAY WAY more than the plaques in the hall.

I won’t let any media establishment determine the value of the players I watched play the sport I love.

So, give them hell if you want. I just do not want to give the BBWAA that much power over my love of the game and the players who have played it.

The loudest message you can send the media is to refuse to listen to or read their often biased and journalistically inept propaganda. Reward those who challenge you to think with actual data.

I have one final thought for you. The story of baseball in the 21st century cannot be told without your Houston Astros- both the good and the bad.


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