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Updated: Jan 1, 2022

I decided to have a page of takes- things people say that I have an opinion on or just my wild independent opinions. These may end up in articles or this can be a fun place for you to come to know what I am thinking about.

I started this blog to have a place to document these sorts of things and this may become my backlog list of things to write about

Warning - You are entering into the mind of LarryTheGM

Astros/ MLB

Astros have won the AL West- AGREE (Article)

Without Correa The Astros Can't continue their excellence- DISAGREE- future article

The Astros Minor Leagues and Prospects are Terrible- DISAGREE- Future Article

- OF - Meyers, McCormick, Leon, Siri?, Barefoot, Barber, Daniels

- IF - Pena, Hinojosa, Perez

- C - Papierski, Lee

- P - H. Brown, Whitley?, Solomon, Dubin, Conine, France, Solis, T. Brown, Santos, (Maybe called the 2024 Astros Pitching Staff?)

Astros made the right trades- Lean to Disagree

Astros need Marwin- DISAGREE (Article)

The CBA will not be signed before a strike/ lockout - Agree- Article Series to come

Meyer is Better than McCormick- TBD- (Article)

Pedro Baez is Done - Lean to Agree

Javier Baez is a cancer - AGREE

I was wrong about - a Mea Culpa series

- the Astros needing to sign Bradley Jr. or trade for Benintendi before the 2021 season

- Yuli being done

Suggest other Astros topics in comments


The Longhorns will be 8-4 or worse - DISAGREE- (Article)

Longhorns will beat Louisiana- AGREE- article this week- same link

The Big 12 fill find a good solution for it's members - DISAGREE (Article)

Suggest other Longhorns topics in comments

Disclaimer- I also have non-sports takes. I put these last because I don't want these to offend anyone nor distract you from my sports opinions. For those that know me, it is not surprising that I have strong opinions beyond sports. In many ways I am an opinion machine at age 55. That being said, if you want to stick to the sports, I am making it easy for you to STOP HERE.


Countries with high obesity rates have the biggest issues with COVID. I don't know if this is ALWAYS true or unique to COVID- This is the non sports take that is brewing. I have no idea if I can or should put this in an article. Note it is data based just like most things you see from me.

Link between Pot/ CBD and COVID

Jesus/ Faith

The current events can only be explained or made sense of in the paradigm of the end times that the Bible discusses. If I get bold enough I will write about this. Let's just say this for now. The contrarian nature that you know and love in the Astros Sphere is how I tend to process society in general with a strong world view based in my faith in Jesus Christ.

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2 comentarios

30 ago 2021

Larry--I am excited that you started this blog--you are a very bright guy and I always enjoy your insights. I might be willing to give Marwin a longer look--let him get some time in September and give the guys a rest and in case of injury a much better option than Robel. I certainly agree that the Big 12 is done--only chance is to act quickly and pick up 4 teams such as Houston, SMU, Cin, Memphis or Louisville. If they wait other conferences will invite OSU, TT, Baylor, TCU, KU or Iowa State and the first domino to fall ends the conference. My prediction is TT, OSU, Baylor and TCU to Pac 12, WV to ACC, Iowa State…

Me gusta
30 ago 2021
Contestando a

Bill any of these you want me to write about?

Me gusta
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