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Updated: Jan 1, 2022

I decided to have a page of takes- things people say that I have an opinion on or just my wild independent opinions. These may end up in articles or this can be a fun place for you to come to know what I am thinking about.

I started this blog to have a place to document these sorts of things and this may become my backlog list of things to write about

Warning - You are entering into the mind of LarryTheGM

Astros/ MLB

Astros have won the AL West- AGREE (Article)

Without Correa The Astros Can't continue their excellence- DISAGREE- future article

The Astros Minor Leagues and Prospects are Terrible- DISAGREE- Future Article

- OF - Meyers, McCormick, Leon, Siri?, Barefoot, Barber, Daniels

- IF - Pena, Hinojosa, Perez

- C - Papierski, Lee

- P - H. Brown, Whitley?, Solomon, Dubin, Conine, France, Solis, T. Brown, Santos, (Maybe called the 2024 Astros Pitching Staff?)

Astros made the right trades- Lean to Disagree

Astros need Marwin- DISAGREE (Article)

The CBA will not be signed before a strike/ lockout - Agree- Article Series to come

Meyer is Better than McCormick- TBD- (Article)

Pedro Baez is Done - Lean to Agree

Javier Baez is a cancer - AGREE

I was wrong about - a Mea Culpa series

- the Astros needing to sign Bradley Jr. or trade for Benintendi before the 2021 season

- Yuli being done

Suggest other Astros topics in comments


The Longhorns will be 8-4 or worse - DISAGREE- (Article)

Longhorns will beat Louisiana- AGREE- article this week- same link

The Big 12 fill find a good solution for it's members - DISAGREE (Article)

Suggest other Longhorns topics in comments

Disclaimer- I also have non-sports takes. I put these last because I don't want these to offend anyone nor distract you from my sports opinions. For those that know me, it is not surprising that I have strong opinions beyond sports. In many ways I am an opinion machine at age 55. That being said, if you want to stick to the sports, I am making it easy for you to STOP HERE.


Countries with high obesity rates have the biggest issues with COVID. I don't know if this is ALWAYS true or unique to COVID- This is the non sports take that is brewing. I have no idea if I can or should put this in an article. Note it is data based just like most things you see from me.

Link between Pot/ CBD and COVID

Jesus/ Faith

The current events can only be explained or made sense of in the paradigm of the end times that the Bible discusses. If I get bold enough I will write about this. Let's just say this for now. The contrarian nature that you know and love in the Astros Sphere is how I tend to process society in general with a strong world view based in my faith in Jesus Christ.

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