My 2023 Longhorns Recruiting Class- BBQ Edition

Updated: Jul 30

OK it's been a long time since I wrote about the Longhorns. There have been a few ideas but I missed the window to publish. So today on the BBQ/ Pool Party day I am predicting the 2023 Longhorns recruiting class.

Here are players that have already committed.

Here are the players I predict will still join this group.

Since I first wrote this I took Hill and Toviano off of the list (on 7/30) because it looks like neither is coming now.

I suspect Gullette will announce in the next few days.

IF I am right, this class of 25 would have a class rating of 297.84. For comparison the 2022 class of 28 recruits had a rating of 289.04.

HOOK 'EM! Get excited Horns

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