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My 2023 College Football Official Predictions

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

The yearly tradition is back on this week one. Here are my 2023 season official predictions for the College Football Playoff and New Year's Six bowls with some rival hate sprinkled in. It is college football after all.

I have predicted the record of all of the teams in the FBS at the bottom of this article. I did this based on the CBS rankings of 1-133 and the Vegas Insider win totals and then my judgement.

Here are my predictions for the big games in chronological order.

New Years six bowls

I will highlight a few teams as we discuss these games.

The College Football Playoff

I expect Georgia is going to roll this season to the Semifinal Sugar Bowl game and take on and beat USC.

In the other semifinal, the Rose Bowl, two traditional powerhouses will get after it and Ohio St. will narrowly beat Clemson.

In the Natty, Georgia and Ohio St. have an all-time classic IN HOUSTON on 1/8/24. I suspect Georgia wins a tight game for the three peat.

The New Year's Six

You can see the teams and games above.

As shown in my Longhorns Preview, I expect Texas to have a great season! This will result in the Horns being in the Cotton Bowl in Arlington and battle LSU.

Alabama, upset at being left out of the CFP, BLOWS OUT Tulane in the Peach Bowl.

Michigan, upset at being left out of the CFP as well, pounds Florida St. in the Orange Bowl.

Washington and Penn St. have a classic in the Fiesta Bowl.

Texas A&M and Oklahoma will be matching twin disappointments finishing 8-4 and have to watch their Longhorn daddies play in a New Years Six game. Recruiting is about to REALLY suck for both.

The Longhorns will rule the Big 12 on the way out and all of the haters will finally have to admit that Texas is indeed back. Get ready SEC. You are next.

OK. Like I said that is the Longhorns fan in me talking. I love my Horns. I included disclaimers in the Texas season preview.

So that's my fun look at the 2023 College Football season. Get Ready! It is my second favorite time of the year and the best if my Astros are where they belong- in the World Series.

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