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My 2022 College Football Official Predictions

The yearly tradition is back on this week one Saturday. Here are my official predictions for the College Football Playoff and New Year's Six bowls with some rival hate sprinkled in. It is college football after all.

Here are my predictions for the big games in chronological order.

I will highlight a few teams as we discuss these games.

The College Football Playoff

This year Bama is going to roll. Yes, I hate writing it as much as you hate reading it. Our Longhorns will get pounded 48-24 in week 2 and by the end of the year that is going to look as almost as good as the Peach Bowl's 45-23 Bama pounding of Utah. Utah is going to have a really good year themselves.

In the other semifinal, the Fiesta Bowl, two traditional powerhouses will get after it and Ohio St. will narrowly beat Georgia 31-27. It may be one of the best CFP games we ever have.

In the Natty, Bama rolls again over Ohio St. 38-28. Enjoy the Fiesta Bowl Buckeyes fans because the Natty won't be much fun.

The New Year's Six

You can see the teams and games above. Perhaps the biggest surprises are NC State and Mississippi St. Yes, I like both to have great years for their programs.

Now, I am going to highlight the currently highly rated teams that WON'T be there. It's not a Longhorn article without pointing out the looming failure of the haters.

The Texas A&M Aggies will not live up to their lofty expectations and finish their traditional 8-4ish. Sorry Ags; your schedule stretch from 9/17 to 10/8 is going to undo your season. Next Year is probably your year or Jimbo will be confirmed as a snake oil salesman.

A similar disappointment is looming in Norman. Sooners fans have convinced themselves that losing their generational coach and do everything quarterback among many others simply doesn't matter. This will soon be shown to be foolish as the Sooners end up 9-3ish and lose in the Red River Shootout and Bedlam. Oh and OU Sucks. Sorry I had to.

I have huge respect for Dave Aranda at Baylor but a team that shocks the wyorld by winning so many close games as the Bears did last year and then loses a lot of talent, is due to fall back some. The pain for Baylor starts in Provo in Week 2 and my Longhorns finish the task on Thanksgiving Friday. Baylor finishes a respectable by not top bowl material 8-4ish.

Yes my Horns don't get to a big bowl either. Do not be dismayed Longhorns fans they are building something good. Read my Longhorns season predictions here.

So that's my fun look at the 2022 College Football season. Get Ready! It is my second favorite time of the year and the best if my Astros are where they belong- in the World Series.

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