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MoneyMaker: Astros Daily Lineup Analysis- 7/4/24

To celebrate Independence Day, today's MoneyMaker Astros Daily Lineup Analysis is being made available to EVERYONE. Declare YOUR financial independence by becoming a LarryTheGM MoneyMaker here.

Here is my daily Astros MoneyMaker lineup analysis for 7/4/24. You can join me in Playing at Prize Picks.

You can use the code "PR-1EHLTBL" to join PLEASE.

Here is today's video- 11:00AM

Check out the series guide here - IN PROGRESS

On to our MoneyMaker Data

Players shaded BLUE are hybrid 2023-2024 MLB AND MiLB (factored 80% (Hitters) /120% (Pitchers)) stats.

The Blue Jays best bet fantasy stars today are:

  • Guerrero (0.385) over 1.5 Total Bases (+110 on Bovada)

  • Bichette (0.391) over 1.5 Total Hits (+110 on Bovada)- LATE SCRATCH AFTER MY PICKS WERE SUBMITTED

Revised Lineup

The Astros best bet fantasy stars today are:

  • Alvarez (0.487) over 1.5 Total Bases (+105 on Bovada)- LarryTheGM Pick of the Day

  • Singleton (0.363) over 0.5 Total Bases (-150 on Bovada)

Play With Larry on Prize Picks

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Power Play- here are my picks today

Also, I have a FREE PLAY and I am swinging for the fences. I am hoping for 3 of these 4 but if the offense goes crazy.... who knows.

Ok I am doing this one for fun because it is Independence Day. Esper is a given and I hope the other two fall short. I will get $6.25 for my $5 if one does.

You can use the code "PR-1EHLTBL" to join PLEASE.

Here are the total team matchup tables! These are still in quality control so consider them preliminary.

This view takes out the other starting pitchers. A color code for the relief pitchers for their availability

Green- should be good

Yellow- would be second day in a row or third out of four

Red- not likely to be available

Here is the table for tonight with starter and relief staff

Disclaimer 1- This content is intended to help give you possible ideas you might use to place sports wagers in areas where doing so IS legal. There is no guarantee of results implied. Use these recommendations at your own risk. NEVER gamble what you can't afford to lose.

Baseball is not a sport that lends itself to daily action. What I am doing here is nearly impossible. I am giving you the angle most can't see nor apply. THAT is part of what makes this site so unique.

Disclaimer 2- These articles are going to be blunt and reflect what the numbers say and NOT what I want nor what I hope happens. DO NOT get this confused. I am TRYING to help you in the fantasy baseball and daily fantasy space. I am not going to waste your time on what I want. I am going to tell you what the numbers say is most LIKELY.

Disclaimer 3- Given the difficulty of these predictions, I DO NOT recommend parlays! In my Prize Picks I have to pick 3 and I am doing Flex Play where if I win 2 of 3, I get money back.


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