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MLB/ Astros Lineups- 2024 MLB Best Unsigned Free Agents

As we start the countdown to MLB opening data everyone loves to put out top 10 lists to get folks excited for the new season. Here we are going to put out a different lineup daily for the MLB and the Astros. You may want to refer to the index to see the other lineups.

I announced this series on Twitter/ X.

Our first lineup is the 2024 MLB Best Unsigned Free Agents. Unlike the other lists, this is a PROJECTED WAR 2024 list. I have included the Players ages in 2024, projected wRC+, projected defensive WAR, and projected WAR.

2024 MLB Best Unsigned Free Agents

Overall, this lineup projects to deliver 14.2 WAR. This does not include any bench or utility players. This lineup projects better than the Athletics, National, and Rockies.

Again, my lineup was built on what players project to have the highest WAR in the 2024 season. Let me know if you think I missed someone.

There is a player on this list you have seen on this site recently.

Which MLB unsigned free agent in my lineup surprises you the most? Which MLB unsigned free agent would you add instead?

Here is MLB's take.

Some other interesting references include:

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