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MLB/ Astros Lineups- 2023 The No Fielders

All of the MLB's Worst Fielders on one team- 2023 The No Fielders

As we start the countdown to MLB opening data everyone loves to put out top 10 lists to get folks excited for the new season. Here we are going to put out a different lineup daily for the MLB and the Astros. You may want to refer to the index to see the other lineups.

I announced this series on Twitter/ X.

Our next lineup is the 2023 The No Fielders. This is the team with the worst starting player at each position as defined by the lowest Defensive WAR. There are definitely other more advanced metrics I could have chosen, but I wanted to keep these lists simple. Everyone had to have 300 PA. I have included the Players' ages in 2023, what team they played for, wRC+, defensive WAR, and WAR.

2023 The No Fielders

One thing to note- all on my lists are restricted to guys who had at least 300 PA in 2023. I know this is defense-based list, but this rule is to set a consistent playing time basis.

The No Fielders are a tragically bad baseball team. Imagine how many errors this team would commit. This team might give up multiple unearned runs per game. The only good thing about this team is that a few of these players are young.

Which of the No Fielders surprises you the most? Which No Fielder would you still want on your team?

The folks at "Made The Cut" made a video on YouTube "The Worst Fielders in Baseball History." You might find that interesting too.

Some other interesting references include:

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