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LGM Astros Weekly Recap w/ ClintTheScout- 4/11/24

Astros Weekly Recap- Is Houston Really Clutch City?

Astros Weekly Recap

Clint and I kick off our Astros weekly recap show we hope you all like. This will be an objective data-based show. We will discuss highlights from the topics on the site and the things on the Astros fans' minds.

The content here will follow the video. Please watch that here.


1. Is Houston Really Clutch City?

How are the pitching and hitting translating into runs and wins?

Pitch Data

Pitching actual results are 0.8 runs per game worse than the batted ball contact indicates.

Hitting actual results are 1.5 runs per game worse that the batted ball contact indicates. Why?

Runs Results

Why are the hitting actual results 1.5 runs per game worse that the batted ball contact indicates?

xwOBA data

xwOBA Graph

EV data

EV Graph

BABIP data

BABIP graph

wRC+ data

wRC+ graph

RISP player data

2. Where do we go with Jose Abreu?

Info showed in the video is in this article.

Pitch Data with Yesterday's Game

Abreu Pitch data

3. Understanding the Spencer Arrighetti call-up. Is here to stay?

Info showed in the video is in this article.

4. Navigating the Pitching Conundrum

Pitching Conundrum

Clint and I made a shocking prediction to who the Astros SHOULD be called up today- Forrest Whitley. You saw it last night and you just read it here.

Forrest Whitley


There you have it our Astros Weekly Recap. The data to back up the video. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

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