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Astros Late Lunch With Larry- 1/6/23 12:30PM

Start you weekend off or happy hour early with Larry as we review the Astros week



Review Astros News

I think the Astros are stacking multiple additional options to the existing roster.

We will explore more about this as we see it develop during Spring Training.

In short, I think Madris and Matijevic compete to be the first option to be called up from the minors at 1B/LF in case of injury.

Hensley is the likely the first MLB roster backup option at 1B but if he struggles perhaps Madris gets the call.

The younger OFers in the Astros system are likely to pass Madris in 2023 and be the first option to be called up if an OF is needed. At the start of the season Madris may be the preferred choice,

Given what the Astros have done to stack multiple backup options at 1B, I would be shocked if they signed Gurriel. Therefore, perhaps the Madris signing does unofficially close that chapter in Astros history.

Review LGM Article Key Points

  • Focus on the 12 Risks - what it could mean to the Astros Season

So, will the after Christmas weeks bring some unexpected gift to the Astros? Can the team pull off a move that would significantly improve their odds in the postseason.? Do they even need that move?

Let's see what happens in the New Year. At this point, I am not expecting ANY big moves by the Astros until the trade deadline. Let me be clear about something else before people drag me for being negative. I care about this team and am just as big as a fan as you are. Just because I think the Astros have too many risks and that they are gambling with the 2023 season does NOT mean I don't think they CAN win another World Series. These things are not black or white, but at this point in the off-season it is about putting the team in the best position to meet the goals. I hope it works as much as you do.

Discuss Rumors and Ideas

  • Yuli Rumors- Boston or not?- weird walking back of posts- failed medical? wait for more news here

  • Correa Rumors- where will he end up?

  • Why not bring back Will Smith?

  • Why does Social Media doubt McCormick SO MUCH? My Twitter Take

People do understand that McCormick has a career wRC+ better than these other CFs right?











  • Similarly, Why has the Astros fan base completely dismissed Meyers?

    • Here is a fun blast form the past

    • 9/7/21- Who's Better- Astros fans want to know

    • 9/24/21- Who’s Better- Revised- Astros in the Outfield

    • In September of 2021, Social Media and popular media/ podcaster types SWORE that Meyers was FAR better than McCormick.

      • His owner made the GM bet his career on him

      • Then he got injured.

      • As soon as he showed the first signs of being able to swing, he was pushed to the MLB and finished rehab there to prove the owner wrong

      • It did not work- it had little chance of working

      • Now seemingly EVERYONE is out on Meyers.

      • I will stick with what I said in 9/21

  • Article Previews

    • Astros vs. ____- Position by Position- What do you all think? When should we do it?

    • Catcher Options NOW- Perez or Sanchez?

      • Perez, 34, is probably the catcher most Astros fans THINK Maldonado is

      • Sanchez, 30, is probably better defensively than you think and could be a sneaky good add in timeshare with Maldy

    • Astros Football Style Depth Chart- the Five Deep

    • Dynasty Talk

Q&A (YouTube only)

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