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LarryTheGM Special Report: PEDs in Baseball

When you run a website with the motto “Where the Smart Fans Go” you can have some of the smartest folks that engage you on various topics. Lane Fluker is one of such person who has engaged with me on several Astros topics.

Lane mentioned that she wished folks would understand the true state of sports and specifically PEDs in the CURRENT game of baseball. I invited her to write this for the site.

Just so you understand what Lane KNOWS what she is discussing here. Here are a few bullet points from her bio:

  • Athletic strength and conditioning coach, and personal trainer.

  • Former nationally ranked figure skater.

  • Lead research biologist, for a private sector laboratory.

What Lane is going to share with you will challenge you and maybe make you uncomfortable. This website challenges you to think and learn while others distract you from the truth.

From Lane Fluker

PEDs have a long history in baseball going back to greenies, or Dexedrine usage after WWII. It was reported that most baseball players ate then like candy in dugouts until they were banned in 2006.

Stimulant use is common, players can not only endure long games, but they are laser focused and perform better. Today players use ADHD drugs to produce the same results. Commonly known as Adderall. Many players have applied and receive a therapeutic use exemption by the MLB. Many times these exceptions start in HS, or college. It’s a well know secret in the world of baseball. It is unknown exactly how many in the minor and major league players have therapeutic exceptions, but it is higher than most would realize. Baseball is a marathon, and players are subjected to conditions beyond what the normal human body can endure!

While anabolic steroids were commonly used until the Mitchell Report. As with any sport, when one door is closed, another door is opened. Enter in the new PEDs, peptides. Below is a list of peptides used for lypolysis and protein synthesizes, as well as tissue regeneration. This is a list of more commonly used peptides as of this writing.

  • HGH

  • IGF 1

  • CJC-1295

  • Ipamorelin

  • BPC-157


In 2016, Jason Riley who was Derek Jeter’s trainer was linked to the distribution and sale of HGH to Payton Manning, as reported by the New York Times. While Riley was Jeter’s trainer, I want to add that there is no evidence that he was directly supplying Mr Jeter with HGH. The MLB had a strong response that there was no evidence. You can draw your own conclusions. While studies have not shown that HGH significantly increases lean muscle mass, it has shown to increase cell regeneration, and lypolysis. Thus improving performance. Reliable testing is available for HGH, but it is unknown how often it is conducted in the MLB.


IGF 1 stands for Insulin-like growth factor, and has an anabolic effect on protein metabolism, inhibiting whole body protein breakdown, stimulating protein synthesis with adequate serum inulin levels, and amino acids. Rapid muscle gain can occur in a matter of weeks, therefore it’s use is generally only for a limited amount of time. Consider it the new anabolic drug that is more difficult and very expensive to detect.

CJC-1295 And Ipamorelin

CJC/Ipamorelin is another peptide that when used together is known for weight loss, athletic performance, as well as age related conditions. This peptide is listed at a research chemical, and has not been cleared for use in humans. All current studies are on animals only. With that being said, I have personally witnessed an increase in athletes who have claimed to be using it, and it was very significant.


BPC-157 is another peptide in the research chemical classification. What makes this peptide so attractive to all athletes, is it’s ability to heal soft tissue injuries/bone injuries, along with inflammatory bowel disease, and while there are not enough significant studies, it is listed as a PED and is banned by WADA. Of all the peptides it is not known to have many side effects. This is another peptide that does not require long term usage like HGH to achieve results.

The above is a list of the more commonly used peptides in sports, baseball included. As previously mentioned, baseball has more games played in a season that any other competitive team sport in the US. Players are products and are expected to perform at a very high level for a ridiculous amount of time. Also factor in cortisone shots, stem cells for inflammation and healing, both of which have their own drawbacks and adverse effects. Both of which enhance recovery, thus are performance enhancing therapies/drugs.

Public sentiment pushes it underground, and it is not discussed, even among athletes!

Larry: Thank You Lane for this explanation of the state of PEDs in Baseball! As Lane told me "Education is knowledge." Hopefully you learned something. I know I did.

I wanted you to have this information because I think we as fans approach causation for issues with athletes in a far too limited view. We have athlete subjecting themselves to experimental drugs. At the same time, we play the game faster and faster and expect the athletes do superhuman tasks like throwing a slider at 95 mph. Where does it end? I don't know. I do think we need to be aware of the toll our fan expectations have on the sport and the players that play it.

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So is the concern about current PEDS the effect on players long term health or the perceived unfair advantage gained by those who use? I just don’t see how PED use from a competitive standpoint is an issue. Don’t all athletes use some type of protein to build muscle and recover? If it’s about long term health/side effects I get that concern. But if it’s about competition then alls fair in love and war.

Jul 15, 2023
Replying to

1. THIS SITE is about giving people the TRUTH about their sports. I believe people deserve to know how widespread this abuse is. We want folks to be SMART fans.

2. These athletes are taking EXPERIMENTAL drugs for which there is little data on their long-term health effects. 3. The league is in effect covering up the use of these drugs. What if the effect of these drugs plays an important role in increased injuries? We would never know because there is not a real conversation about what is really going on. 4. People that tell the truth are being cancelled and marginalized. Trainers that refuse to use these drugs are not advancing.

5. I want a clean sport and/or a…

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