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LarryTheGM MoneyMakers Returns Tracker

Updated: 4 days ago

Track the success of LarryTheGM MoneyMakers with the Returns Tracker. Discover the impressive W-L record and theoretical bet results since 4/1/24.

LGM Return

Every day, the MoneyMaker members get three to eight best bets based on the LarryTheGM xwOBA matchup system.

The daily recommendation articles were released to the public for the first seven games. They are available on the website.

How has the LarryTheGM matchup system worked to predict who would beat the odds since the first series where we were working out the details? Here is the LarryTheGM MoneyMakers Returns Tracker.

LarryTheGM MoneyMakers Total Results

Since 4/1/24 (When Real Tracking Began)

W-L: 81-84 (0.491)

Total Theoretical Bet Placed: +$19,236

Net Won/ Loss: -$290 (-1.5%)

Alvarez has been KILLING the MoneyMakers

W-L: 18-37 (0.327)

Total Theoretical Bet Placed: +$5645

Net Won/ Loss: -$1910 (-32.7%)

Without Alvarez

W-L: 63-47 (0.573)

Total Theoretical Bet Placed: +$13391

Net Won/ Loss: +$1620 (+12.1%)

We are considering optioning Alvarez off of the MoneyMakers.

What have I done for the MoneyMakers LATELY

Since 4/27/24

W-L: 39-30 (0.565)

Total Theoretical Bet Placed: +$7911

Net Won/ Loss: +$1065 (+13.5%)

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Disclaimer 1- This content is intended to help give you possible ideas you might use to place sports wagers in areas where doing so IS legal. There is no guarantee of results implied. Use these recommendations at your own risk. NEVER gamble what you can't afford to lose.

Baseball is not a sport that lends itself to daily action. What I am doing here is nearly impossible. I am giving you the angle most can't see nor apply. THAT is part of what makes this site so unique.

Disclaimer 2- These articles are going to be blunt and reflect what the numbers say and NOT what I want nor what I hope happens. DO NOT get this confused. I am TRYING to help you in the fantasy baseball and daily fantasy space. I am not going to waste your time on what I want. I am going to tell you what the numbers say is most LIKELY.

Here is the detail:


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