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LarryTheGM Astros Trade Deadline Deals- Go Big or Go Home

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Those that followed this website have seen my articles that have detailed why the Astros needed to make deals.

At Catcher

At First Base


I detailed the trade values (per the website) and who I would and would not be willing to trade-

Some of these articles have gotten over 1000 views. The last one is at over 2000. This has been the place you could come to for REAL TALK related to the Astros.

Yes, I have been on the record for WEEKS pointing to the exact folks the Astros should trade for. In that time, some of the players have performed better (Gurriel as predicted, Maldonado), some have gotten hurt (Castro), and some have gotten worse (Stallings).

Ever since I wrote those articles I have wondered was I being bold enough? The Astros NEED to clear Rule 5 eligible players anyway. Why not go bigger? THIS is my final GO BIG or STAY HOME (from the World Series) PLAN.

I am not going to detail the whys behind each deal. You can go back to what I wrote previously and get that. I want this to be the one spot I am going to finally detail what I would do before August 2nd. I will update this as needed when these targets come off the board. In Order of importance for the team to reach the World Series.

First Base- Josh Bell (5.3) for Joe Perez (3) and Peter Solomon (2.9) and Shawn Dubin (1.4) and a low level prospect TBNL

Backup Plan- CJ Cron or Trey Mancini

Catcher- Wilson Contreras (9.5) and Burl Carraway (1.2- LHRP Prospect- Rule 5 - 12/23) for Chas McCormick (20.4) and a low level prospect TBNL

LHRP- Joe Mantiply (2.4) for Jose Siri (4.8) and a low level prospect TBNL

Backup Plan - Sam Moll

YES - Bell AND Contreras and Mantiply.

You heard it here FIRST. Go BIG or Go Home (not to the World Series.)

7/30 Addition- for a wild blockbuster that is not going to happen but is fun to think about, read

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