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Larry's Horns Happy Hour - 1/18/2023

It's time for "The L Triple H" - Larry's Horns Happy Hour. I am a day late, but we won't be information short as things are busy on multiple fronts.

If you only want to see the 2023 Longhorns Depth Chart, click here.

We will go on YouTube today at 4:00PM to review the content here. Click the Botton to join!

Review Longhorns News

  • Players declared for the NFL draft- The Guys returning- Player declared themselves to be entering the NFL draft by Monday. This was GOOD NEWS for the Longhorns as the following STAYED to play one more season.

Whittington- The WR room - if healthy is LOADED

Jones- will he start? I list Campbell as my 2023 RT Starter.

Ford- Imagine a defense with Ford AND Hill. The DREAM lives!!

  • AD Mitchell rumors transfering to the Longhorns are running rampant- Spend any time on the Texas OR Georgia fan boards and you know that the rumor of the day is that AD Mitchell is transferring from Georgia to Texas. Reports are now that he is in and that he MAY be on campus today or in the next 24 hours. This is a HUGE get, and this is EXCELLENT NEWS for the Longhorns.

  • Stay Tuned for more possible transfer news- expect chaos for the next 3 days

  • Junior Day is this weekend - several sites have visitor lists. Most do not seem to think this will lead to an immediate commitment of a bunch of these players. Stay tuned as we are likely to get a couple.

  • Final 2023 Recruiting Ranking- On3 Stirred the pot by moving Arch down to #3 in their final recruiting rankings. Folks, don't let this stuff bother you. The 2023 class is EXCELLENT. By the consensus rankings they have ELEVEN players in the top 113.

  • No Big 12 schedule yet- rumors say by 1/31/23

    • Texas fans should prepare for the worst.

    • Is there ANY way the Big 12 does NOT schedule Texas/ OU? I don't think they would want to upset their TV partners that much.

    • Here is what a sample schedule could look like

Horns Home

Horns Road

Sooners Home

Sooners Road


BYU (in Nov)



Oklahoma (in Dallas- official home team)

Iowa State (in Nov- Thanksgiving?)




Kansas State

Kansas State

Oklahoma State


Texas Tech


Texas (in Dallas)

West Virginia

Texas Tech

  • Early Enrollee Longhorns arrive- Just repeating this until we all realize the impact these guys all make. Here is the list of Longhorns 2023 Early Enrollees.

  • I expect Hill and Muhammed to be 2023 Starters

  • I expect at least four others (Manning, Cook, Gullette, Holmes) to be on the two deep and this COULD change depending on players declaring for the draft and/or transferring

  • FOURTEEN early enrolling Freshman is a team dynamic we have never seen before. Get ready for the recruiting class of 2023 to take over.

  • WR Coach Search- there is a daily rumor and the possible most likely candidate is the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars WR Coach Chris Jackson. He is busy with the NFL playoffs and that might be the holdup. There are new candidates it seems every day.

  • Support Staff role rumors- it appears that the Horns are close to filling the Chris Gilbert role (probably with two folks) and they are also working on an Offensive Analyst role.

  • Will Gary Patterson Return?- short answer- not sure Gary even knows yet.

Review LGM Article Main Point with Links

No new Longhorns articles for me, but I continue to update the Projected Depth Chart below

Discuss Rumors and Ideas- Article Previews

We will update Portal Needs after this week and then after Spring Practice

We will monitor the WR Coach hire and comment when it happens

We will also see what happens on the basketball coach front

Horns Baseball will also get a mention here over the next few months

As things develop for the Texas and OU to the SEC, we will discuss.

The state of the NCAA and football will be covered.

This will be a permanent fixture here.

Current 2023 Longhorns Projected Depth Chart- We will continue to update the depth chart here.


Offense/ Special Teams

The addition this week is I have BOLDLY added AD Mitchell.

I have these sorted buy their recruiting ranking so you can see where they were expected to be and also appreciate the talent influx from the 2022 and 2023 recruiting classes.

For each of these position groups, here is the color coding

- Red cells are players that I project as 2023 starters that are returning (started half of games in 2022)

- Dark Orange cells are players that are projected to start for the first time

- Light Orange cells are players that I project as the second teamers

- Yellow cells are players that I project as third teamers

Q&A (YouTube only)

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