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Larry's Horns Happy Hour - 1/10/2023

Last Week we kicked off the "A Triple L" - Astros Late Lunch with Larry.

This week we kick of the "The L Triple H" - Larry's Horns Happy Hour. This too will be the weekly run down of the Longhorns content for the site. This weekly article will be the MAIN Longhorns content here, but the thoughts are sure to lead to articles that we will link here too. This Article will be posted by 12 noon on Tuesday (some weeks on Monday.)

If you only want to see the 2023 Longhorns Depth Chart, click here.

We will go on YouTube weekly on Monday or Tuesday at 4:00PM to review the content here.

Review Longhorns News

  • Jelani McDonald Commits to the Longhorns- McDonald was skyrocketing on recruiting charts and was excellent at his All-Star Game practices and game. This is EXCELLENT NEWS for the Longhorns.

  • Jalen Catalon Transfers to the Longhorns- Catalon was a highly recruited prospect in 2019 that chose Arkansas over Texas and was All-SEC in 2020. He has been injured a lot in 2021 and 2022. The Horns are taking a shot with a player, that if healthy, might be the best defensive back on the team. Safety was a transfer portal area of need so this too is excellent news for Texas.

  • Early Enrollee Longhorns arrive- the excellent 2023 class already has started moving in, and this group WILL make a difference this season. Here is the list of Longhorns 2023 Early Enrollees.

  • I expect Hill and Muhammed to be 2023 Starters

  • I expect at least four others (Manning, Cook, Gullette, Holmes) to be on the two deep and this COULD change depending on players declaring for the draft and/or transferring

  • FOURTEEN early enrolling Freshman is a team dynamic we have never seen before. Get ready for the recruiting class of 2023 to take over

  • The Guys returning- As mentioned players will be entering the transfer portal possibly even this week and again when the portal opens in March. There are a few guys that appear to be returning that we were not 100% sure would be including:



Jones- will he start? I list Campbell as my 2023 RT Starter.

Ford- Imagine a defense with Ford AND Hill. Don't give up on that dream.

Players that want to enter the draft have to declare by 1/16/23. This situation is somewhat fluid. Stay Tuned.

  • WR Coach Brennan Marion Leaves for OC job at UNLV- there is a possibility the Horns could upgrade the position coach here. Good luck coach Marion!

  • Stay tuned for more Transfer Portal news THIS WEEK.

Review LGM Article Main Point with Links

In our 2023 Roster Article/ Alamo Bowl preview, I also included depth charts for 2023. Here are some thoughts after the game.

  • Longhorns lose the Alamo Bowl- My Conclusions.

    • The offense will transform from the run dominant 2022 team to a pass oriented 2023 team

    • Ewers will be better, or Manning or Murphy will pass him and start. His Alamo Bowl stats would be better if several big passes would not have been dropped.

    • Monitor the WR room- If Worthy and Whittington stay and we start hearing good status reports on Neyor, then resist the media hype about the Horns NEEDING 2 WR in the transfer portal. They may TAKE two but whoever they take needs to someone that can beat out Whit which will not be easy. I think they take one this week and one after spring practice depending on how the position looks.

    • Sanders is a beast and I boldly predict Sanders will be the best TE in CFB in 2023.

    • Get ready for the OL to completely dominate teams in 2023.

    • If Ford is indeed back, this 2023 Longhorns defense may be beautiful

    • Brooks looked good at CB

    • Also be prepared to hear about additional transfers out after the spring practice. I currently have the Longhorns at 87 Scholarship Players, and they want to add 3-5 more, They will be losing players or asking players to leave.

Discuss Rumors and Ideas- Article Previews

We will update Portal Needs after this week and then after Spring Practice

We will monitor the WR Coach hire and comment when it happens

We will also see what happens on the basketball coach front

Horns Baseball will also get a mention here over the next few months

As things develop for the Texas and OU to the SEC, we will discuss.

The state of the NCAA and football will be covered.

This will be a permanent fixture here.

Current 2023 Longhorns Projected Depth Chart- We will continue to update the depth chart here


Offense/ Special Teams

I have these sorted buy their recruiting ranking so you can see where they were expected to be and also appreciate the talent influx from the 2022 and 2023 recruiting classes.

For each of these position groups, here is the color coding

- Red cells are players that I project as 2023 starters that are returning (started half of games in 2022)

- Dark Orange cells are players that are projected to start for the first time

- Light Orange cells are players that I project as the second teamers

- Yellow cells are players that I project as third teamers

Q&A (YouTube only)


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