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Just Say No to Marwin

I keep seeing a lot of posts on Twitter about Marwin and I tried to address the nostalgia driven crowd opining for the Astros to make a waiver claim but lets expand on my thoughts here. That way I will just link Twitter folks to read this.

Marwin had ONE really good year- 2017. One could argue HE is the one who benefitted the most from the sign stealing scheme. His 2018 was largely mediocre except for August. Without a signal alerting him to what pitch is coming, he has been a below average hitter.

From 2018-2021 Marwin has had an OPS 0.687 and wRC+ 87 and has been an average fielder. He has NOT been who you remember him to be.

The truth is if any team thinks I am wrong they will claim him before the Astros. If 26 teams have not claimed him, I would submit there is not reason the Astros should distract from the development of Meyers nor the trial they already are trying with Wilson.


- Major projection systems have Meyers hitting wRC+ 66-94 the rest of the season.

- In AAA in 2021- 304 PA- 0.343/0.408/0.598/1.006 144 wRC+

- Meyers is 25 - has played LF/ CF/ RF this year in AAA


- Major projection systems have Wilson hitting wRC+ 89-101 the rest of the season.

- In AAA in 2021- 218 PA- 0.288/0.385/0.630/1.016 139 wRC+

- Wilson is 31 - has played 1B/ 2B/ SS/ 3B/ LF/ RF in his career


- Major projection systems have Marwin hitting wRC+ 89-90 the rest of the season.

- In 2021 he is at a WRC+ of 57 over 271 PA. FIFTY SEVEN.

- Marwin is 32

I was given this response to the question why the Astros should claim Marwin

- Switch hitter - wRC+ LHH/RHH 38/101- not a true switch hitter, should abandon LHH

- Defensively solid

- Wilson is functional defensively

- Optioning Meyers would make Tucker the only viable CF behind McCormick.

- Tucker is more of a defensive liability in CF than Marwin is a boost elsewhere

- Clutch - Marwin RISP - 40 wRC+ - not clutch

- More valuable on bench than Jones or Wilson IMO - no data to support

- Make team happy - based on what, optioning a player that MAY help for one that hasn't all year?

People keep remembering 2017 Marwin. He is not that anymore. There is NO real reason for the Astros to claim him other than your desire for nostalgia.

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Adam Kaiser
Adam Kaiser
Aug 15, 2021

Great analysis! There’s no statistical benefit from bringing Marwin back, but also you create another 2017 sign stealing scandal narrative for MLB media to push. Crane looking to avoid that at all costs

Unknown member
Aug 15, 2021
Replying to

GREAT additional point Adam!

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