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Jeremy Pena xwOBA by Pitch by Month

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Interesting Trends Here

4-Seam Fastball- Down

Changeup- WAY UP- no longer his worst pitch

Curveball- better lately

Cutter- Down What Changed?

Sinker- Biggest struggle lately

Slider- WAY UP

Here is the pitch distribution thrown to Pena.

As Pena's performance versus

Changeups went up, he was thrown slightly less changeups

Curveballs got better lately, he was thrown significantly less curveballs

Cutters went down, he was thrown significantly more cutters

Sinkers went up and down his distribution followed. Since sinkers are the biggest performance challenge lately, he has seen significantly more sinkers.

Sliders are way up, his distribution of sliders is down from 31.6% to 23.5%

It is really interesting to see the pitch distribution follow Pena's performance swings.

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