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Astros Post Trade Deadline - Likely Postseason Pitching Staff

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

We discussed this in Twitter Spaces multiple times today

When evaluating POTENTIAL pitching trade targets start backward with the postseason pitching staff


1. Verlander

2. Valdez

3. McCullers

4. Garcia

Long Relief

1. Javier

2. Urquidy


1. Pressly

2. Montero

3. Neris

4. Stanek

5. Smith

Off ALDS Roster/ One of these will be on ALCS/ WS Roster




There is at least one wildcard possible addition to the pitching staff - Hunter Brown.

So ANY pitcher the Astros might have acquired must have been better than Urquidy or Smith to appear in the ALDS and to materially impact their success this year. I am not sure that pitcher was available at a reasonable cost.

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