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I LOVE Jose Altuve

I struggled with the title for this. There is simply nothing else I can say about Jose Altuve to summarize how I feel about him other than I LOVE him.

Jose Altuve's extension that will make him an Astros player for life was announced at a press conference today. Rather than trying to summarize it. I ask you to PLEASE watch it.

I said this on Twitter upon hearing the news yesterday.

We will tell our grandchildren about Jose Altuve.  

  • We will tell the story of this GREAT athlete that overcame a scouting industry that rejected him initially.

  • We will tell the story of how this man was the gentle giant and a role model for our community.  

  • We will tell stories of how he sustained excellence for most of a long nearly 20-year career.

  • We will tell stories of the Altuve clutch moments that put this city into mass celebration.

We will tell stories. Yes, we WILL tell stories.

Folks, Jose Altuve has made me a better FATHER. He has provided so many opportunities to share with my family life lessons.

  • There are lessons of perseverance

  • There are lessons of hard work

  • There are lessons of true servant leadership

Even in the team's bad moments Altuve shined.

  • There are lessons about integrity and not falling into peer pressure.

  • There are lessons about picking your battles and knowing you have to focus on what you are doing.

  • There are stories of redemption that are currently being written

I LOVE Jose Altuve and if you are a true sports fan and, not just an emotional uninformed hater, you should love him too.

I wrote this a year ago and the numbers have not changed dramatically. PLease

Astros Second Base Domination for 30+ YEARS

Craig Biggio played for the Astros from 1988 thru 2007. He played 2B from 1992 to 2002 and 2005-2007.

Jose Altuve has played for the Astros from 2011 thru 2023 and he has played 2B the whole time. He will be playing for Astros now until 2029.

So, for 32 years, the Astros have had a Hall of Famer playing 2B for all but five years. Two of those years they had a near Hall of Famer- Jeff Kent- at 2B.

They will have six more years of a Hall of Famer at 2B. Most of us don't know what normal MLB 2B play is like.

Since 1992, the Astros have had 123 WAR from 2B.

The second-place team is the NYY at 99.5 WAR.

The Colorado Rockies are last at 22.1 WAR.


Many of us will not experience another ballplayer like Altuve. My advice is to buy an Altuve jersey and just treasure every moment you have with Jose Altuve. I know I will.

I will always love Jose Altuve.

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