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Houston Astros ALDS Roster - Revised 10/3/21

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

A lot of people have been putting out their Astros ALDS Roster projections. This is the update to version I put out on Aug 27th here. In this version, I will put my roster side-by-side with what I THINK will be the Astros Front Office Roster.

I am going to simplify this so I get out the answer first and this week I will explain aspects of this up until Thursday. As a start, we are going to assume 14 position players and 12 pitchers.

Let's start with my answer. This is how I would lay out the 2021 ALDS roster and how I think the Astros will lay out the 2021 ALDS roster assuming all of the following are healthy. I have assumed Siri is out with slight pinky fracture in my roster, but the Astros will keep him as a pure PR.

Position Players


That's right. Given all of the end of season data I expect my pitching staff will be the same as the Astros pitching staff.

Issues to address this week- It is going to be a busy week at

Position Players


  • How could the Astros use Urquidy

  • Starter Match-ups vs. Chicago

  • How Greinke, Odorizzi, or Javier can be deployed

  • How the bullpen should be managed vs. RHH/ LHH

  • How many LHRP do the Astros need vs. Chicago

  • Reasons for my choices vs. the choices the Astros made

Let me know other questions you want addressed this week.

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