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Horns Up

If your team comes to play in Austin let me give to a little advice.

To many in the Texas fan base your throwing the Horns down is the equivalent of shooting the finger at the team and all Texas fans.

IF you do it, I suggest one of these be true.

1. Don’t do it non-stop. Do it when your team actually does something or Texas fails to do something.

2. Don’t do it in the middle of a Texas section. If you are a fan base that has brought 5000 to 20000 people to the game and you have almost an entire section to yourself, then THAT section is essentially a home section for you. Do whatever you want. IF you are among 90 percent Longhorns fans, do not be surprised if they are offended at you shooting the finger at them.

3. IF your school has a hand sign, MIX that in at least occasionally. If your school does not have a hand sign, then create one or realize maybe hand signs are NOT the way you all fan.

4. Know your place. Fans of OU and A&M own the horns down. THEY are our rivals. THEY DO HAVE tens of thousands of fans at games with them. The Sooners play us at a NEUTRAL site, so this entire post doesn't apply to them in football. They have far more latitude in throwing horns down that you do minor state college that has not played us in over a decade.

If you have been a complete jerk and ignored all of the previous points, then DO NOT be surprised when you are treated like the disrespectful crappy visitor to someone else’s house that you are. Do not be mad when they ride you and flash horns up at you for the rest of the game.

One final thought. Folks, this IS a new era of Texas football. This year be prepared for the Texas Longhorns football team to kick your team's ass in Austin. Do NOT come to Austin assuming your team is going to win, and you can do whatever you want because scoreboard rules. Scoreboard DOES RULE and your disrespectful behavior in our house WILL be treated with disrespect. The Longhorns are back, and they are going to be back. Disrespect them in Austin at your own risk. When you walk into DKR now, you are not playing with a team nor a fan base that wants nor will put up with your BS we had to when we lost too many games at home. You are walking into a stadium of wildly enthusiastic and proud people 100,000 strong. WE ARE LEAVING YOU BIG 12 and you being disrespectful about it IN DKR is going to bring you back triple disrespect from us. Adjust your attitude accordingly. DKR at the University of Texas is a Horns Up territory. Respect where you are.

If you want to disrespect your Longhorns visitors in YOUR stadium when Texas visits, go ahead. We will just hold that for the next time you visit Austin - which will be never.

And before you post it haters, I KNOW you are going to scoff at this and think Longhorn fans and especially me are egotistical idiots that you can't wait to show up to Austin and personally disrespect. This IS a new era in Longhorns football. Trust me; show respect. Austin IS one of the greatest places in the world to visit as long as you don't disrespect the people there.


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