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Here we Grow Again!

LarryTheGM is proud to introduce ClintTheScout to our team!

If the world could only watch the conversations Clint and I have, they would soon love the Astros as much as we do. Clint has been my go to guy for a while to validate what my numbers are telling me. A typical Larry to Clint question

"Clint can you tell me why this pitcher would be so terrible against LHH? Is it just sample size or can you see something?"

Clint proceeds to tell me about arm action and balance and even can read into the pitcher's body language. A LOT of my hot takes positive and negative have a Clint scouting approval behind them.

I have wanted Clint to write here almost from Day 1. I wanted you all to know my secret weapon in analysis. Clint loves this team and my biggest fear for but my greatest hope for him, is that people READ his stuff and realize how completely amazing Clint is as a scout/ analyst. Someone needs to give this guy a baseball job seriously!

His first article is next and get ready for more Clint articles.

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