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Happy New Year- Astros Fans!

It is now 2022 Astros fans, and LarryTheGM is where you want to be. Larry is retired from his primary job now. The holidays will soon be over. MLB owners and players will eventually care that there is a season as much as you do. We will cover it all right here.

It is our time.

Let's start the new year off with a familiar song adapted for this offseason where Correa is very likely to move on. More on the best options for Correa soon.

But first, I give you

Astros Win This Time (to the tune of Auld Lang Syne)

Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind? Should old acquaintance be forgot, and the Astros win this time?

For the Astros win this time, my dear, for the Astros win this time, we'll take the trophy back and yet, for the ASTROS WIN THIS TIME.

It's 2022 Astros fans, and it's OUR year now. Learn the song. Also, see our resolutions for the Astros here. Sing it when Correa signs to go somewhere else.


We have a surprise or two coming very very soon to LarryTheGM. Stay Tuned.

Check out all of the Content here at LarryTheGM. Before leaving, check out the Astros Article Index for all of the Astros articles in an easy to use index.

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