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For the record- A LarryTheGM Scorecard

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

A troll on Twitter accused me of being "wrong so damn much."

I found this personally interesting because from my perspective, while I KNOW I am not perfect, I believe the popular Twitter pundits, popular bloggers, and national media are wrong FAR more about the Astros than I am. So I decided to review what I said and be transparent with the things I think I got right and the things I got wrong. Now ask yourself who else actually does this.

Furthermore, if you want me to add items let me know. Here is one rule though. These need to be items that we can verify through actual evidence.

For example, telling me I was wrong in how much the clubhouse love Maldy is actually factually incorrect. I never denied that they love him. In fact, I went so far as to bring in psychological principles to describe the clubhouse dynamics. In truth, so many have said that the clubhouse would revolt if a starting level catcher was traded for and that simply did not happen. The point is we are not going to debate who was wrong based on opinions of what people think (that we don't REALLY know.) This scorecard is going to be based on facts and evidence.

What I got wrong

- My hope that Goodrum could be a viable utility player. He was never used as I described and was constantly asked (>80% PA) to hit RHP which he has never done

- Underestimated how good the Astros would be - 91 wins.

- Pitching outperformed my expectation

- Solomon did not pop as I expected

- I might have gotten too high on Pena in May/June

- The Astros DID get something valuable for Odorizzi. (Even if most didn't think so at the time)

- That Dusty could figure out how to actually use Vazquez and Mancini

- Did not write about the effect of REST on Yuli's performance in 2022 and account for the rest days may REALLY help Yuli in ALDS Games 1, 2, and 3- see article 10/12

- I was worried about World Series Game 2 and Framber- I am HAPPILY WRONG about that. The Astros hit Wheeler better than I thought and Valdez just pitched the game of his life. AWESOME.

- I WAS WRONG about Ranger Suarez. I am deeply sorry.

What I got right

- Pena would be very good at SS (12/21)

- Neris would be good (11/21)

- Brinson was a lottery ticket (3/22)

- SP Depth- 4/6/22

- "The Astros top three starting pitchers- Verlander, McCullers, and Valdez can compete with almost any other top pitchers.

- "Also, The Astros SP depth is quite remarkable."

- "Garcia, Urquidy, Javier, and others in the minors may surprise and outperform their projections."

- Baez done (4/6/22)

- Brown impact in 2022 (4/6/22)

- Early season batting woes were bad luck (4/26/22)

- Tucker was about to break out- he did (4/27/22)

- Astros batting better than you think (6/1/22)- "Otherwise, watch your Astros turn into a top 5, ok maybe top 10, offense as the BABIP normalizes and the wOBA starts to synchronize with the xwOBA." They were 21st in runs scored when I wrote that, and they finished 8th in runs scored.

- Bregman would be just fine (6/10/22)

- Maldonado was not performing (6/22)

- Gurriel was not performing (6/22)

- The Astros should trade for a 1B, C, and LHRP (6/22-7/22)

- The Astros should trade for Mancini (6/9/22)


- Soto

- Castillo

- Reynolds

- Mullins

- despite what popular accounts told you their "insiders" were telling them (6/22-7/22)

- McCormick should play more and Dubon less- 6/22- 8/22 and 8/11 article

- Meyers was not physically ready- 8/22

- PS Pitching roster- 8/2/22

- Pena would be fine if batting #2- 8/26/22

There are more

But again, I invite folks to show me where I have been wrong about the 2022 Astros.

Until then, pardon me if I don't really accept criticism on my track record. Deal?

Tell me what you think and why. Subscribers, PLEASE leave your comments here or in the chat.

Edit note-

I get people coming to me saying- you must be wrong about Yuli, Maldy, and Dubon because they KEEP PLAYING THEM. This FRONT OFFICE

- Traded for a 1B/LF Mancini more capable of starting because they concluded an upgrade was needed

- Traded for a STARTING C not a backup

If you don't see the disconnect the FRONT OFFICE (based on data) has with the MANAGER (based on his opinion) on the significant roster decisions, then you are blind.

- I am siding with the front office.

- You are siding with the manager.

My side has all of the data.

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