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Updated: Nov 12, 2021 is issuing this release for immediate distribution. has partnered with a PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL ATHLETIC TRAINER to provide input and perspective on active injury situations. The partnership will add an insider's real world experience and expertise to the site and is a major addition to the content on the site.

Find out why I know so much about injuries and rehabs from my source himself.

Introducing JoshuaTheAT/ Disclaimer

Hello! My name is Joshua, the oldest child of Larry. Ever since I can remember, the Astros have been my favorite team. I don’t have the ability/time to watch every game like my dad does, but I am just as passionate. A very brief history about me, one of my earliest memories is going to the Astrodome and Enron Field with my dad. My birthday is always around opening day and we ALWAYS went to a game for my birthday. The first year we missed this was the first year I didn’t live less than 4 hours away from Minute Maid. I’m not entirely sure how many games I’ve seen at Minute Maid, but it’s probably approaching triple digits. My dad and I very much share the same brain, we look at things analytically and love to dive into the numbers (Which I’m sure you all know about dad by now).

Now you’re probably thinking “that’s great Joshua but what can you really add to this site?” Well I am a certified Athletic Trainer (the guy that runs out to help the injured players during a game). I am in my 3rd year as the head athletic trainer for a D1 college baseball team. I’ve been in charge of rehabs for injuries like: ACL tears, knee scopes, hip and shoulder labrum tears, Tommy John’s, lumbar disc herniations, and countless other things that don’t sound as cool. I am by no means an expert on every injury under the sun, but I think I can help provide some easy to digest information and insight into injuries as they happen. I think this especially useful when talking about the Astros because they are notorious for keeping reporters and fans alike in the dark about injuries.

A disclaimer about everything I write: This is all speculation. I can give my opinion on a situation but there are times I will be dead wrong. Evaluating an athlete in front of you can be difficult at times, so doing it from in front of a screen is next to impossible. But I think I can give you an informed opinion/a rough estimation of what to expect regarding severity and recovery time for a given injury. Again: I AM NOT A DOCTOR. I WILL BE WRONG. When I get something wrong I will be the first person to admit it. Okay enough rambling, time to cover the injury news concerning the Astros over the last couple of days.

Out of the box JoshuaTheAT explains what was wrong with Bregman and what is ahead here

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תגובה אחת

Good add. I'm an RN and was a DC so have a decent working knowledge of how it all works, but by no means an expert as a trained AT.

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