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Astros: WHY Kessinger and Kuhnel?

All around the Astros fan base there is mass confusion. Why?


People seemed STUNNED that the Astros called up Kuhnel and Kessinger.

Why Kessinger?

Let's address the Kessinger side of this first.

Who plays 3B IF Bregman gets hurt in a game? If your answer is Dubon consider this:

Kessinger has 526.2 Innings played at 3B in the minors and 15.0 innings in the majors.

Dubon has 92.0 innings playes at 3B in the minors and 73.1 innings in the majors.

Innings at 3B















The Astros have decided they like Kessinger over Hensley or they want Hensley to keep playing regularly in AAA. The Astros WERE going to call up a player who COULD play 3B. The options were Kessinger, Hensley, or Bannon.

Why Kuhnel?

Before I explain ask yourself WHO you thought the Astros SHOULD HAVE called up.

I told folks that I was surprised by the Blanco quick hook on 8/27. Do you remember how excited you were on 9/27 when Blanco was sent down and Maton was called up?

Does ANYONE REMEMBER this tweet?

Blanco tweet

I told you in this article:

"Upon being optioned to the Minor Leagues, a position player must remain there for a minimum of 10 days before he is eligible to be recalled to the Major League roster. For pitchers, the minimum is 15 days."


  • Martinez can't be called up until 9/8

  • Bielak can't be called up until 9/9

  • Muchinski can't be called up until 9/5

  • Blanco can't be called up until 9/11

The ONLY players that could have come up instead of Kuhnel were Gage and Dubin and Paredes. The Astros WERE NOT going to add someone to the 40-man roster and DFA someone got the 14th pitcher.


Gage 4.16

Kuhnel 3.89

Paredes 5.77

One could argue for Dubin, but he is working back from an injury; so, I don't think he is an option.

So, the Astros chose Kuhnel. Personally, I would have taken Gage. IF you thought they were adding Martinez, Bielak, Muchinski, or Blanco today; you must now read every LarryTheGM article twice.

Kidding, or am I?

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