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Astros: Who Am I?

It's my favorite game to play where I leave off the name and let you see the numbers. See how long it takes for you to identify this Astros player.

  • I have been a starter and a reliever in my MLB career.

  • I will be playing in my 32-year-old season in 2023.

  • My wOBA in 2022 was 0.241 and my xwOBA was 0.257.

  • I am NOT a high strikeout pitcher. Among the Astros relief pitchers with more than 40 IP, I had the lowest K/9.

  • Among those same Astros RP, I had the luckiest low BABIP 0.260 (vs. a career average of 0.323) - well actually it was tied with Pressly but his career BABIP is a much lower 0.292.

  • Since having Tommy John surgery in 2018, I have pitched in 164.1 innings over the 3.4 full seasons or an average of 48.2 IP in an average regular season. I pitched over 68 innings in 2023 which is 19 more IP as a RP than I have ever pitched in a season.

  • In that 2019-2022 span, I had a 3.78 ERA and a 3.33 FIP.

  • Projections systems all have me predicted to pitch in the range of 3.62-4.05 ERA in 2023.

  • Astros fans think that my 2022 season is just my new normal. It might be but I have never pitched that well- ever.

    • My 2022 ERA of 2.37 was a career low.

    • My 2022 FIP of 2.64 was over a run less than any prior full season.

My name is Rafael Montero.

I am constantly asked why I say Montero had a career year in 2022. Now you know.

Let's all hope Montero was "fixed" by the Astros pitching coaches and his breakout in 2022 is sustained.

Post your answers in the comments section below. I will edit this with the answer on Monday.

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Feb 12, 2023

Have to guess this is Rafi Montero. IMO he will definitely regress but still be a good pitcher.

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