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Astros: Welcome to the Show JP France!

I had a Technical Issue- This was actually published in May of 2023

It was announced that J.P. France was going to be added to the Astros 26-man Roster this week and would be starting today's game.

Let me say WELCOME to the show J.P. France!! I think you are going to love this article.

At their deepest challenge for starting pitching in years, the Astros turn to J.P. France. J.P. has logged 210 IP in AAA. He is READY.

Let's get to know J.P. France

Age- 28.1- 4/4/95

Born 4/4/95 in New Orleans, LA- High School in Marrero, LA

College- Tulane University and Mississippi St. University

Drafted/ Signed- 14th round of 2018 draft by Houston Astros

Was added to the 40-man roster in November 2022 (He was the ONLY additional player the Astros protected from the Rule 5 draft- what does that tell you?)

Options: 3

Service Time: 0.000

Prospect Ratings/ Profiles

Fangraphs- #33 Astros (2022) - 35+ Future Value

Scouting Grades: Fastball: 45. Curveball: 50. Slider: 50. Changeup: 40. Cutter: 50. Command: 50

Baseball America- #21 Astros (2023) - 35/ Medium BA Grade

Scouting Grades: Fastball: 45. Curveball: 50. Slider: 55. Changeup: 50. Control: 40

MLB Pipeline- Not listed in top 30

MiLB Stats

My Thoughts

France is 28 which makes him fully developed as a prospect. We will be getting peak France from the start. The professional scouts talk about France having five pitches that he is comfortable throwing. While no individual pitch may blow one away, the fact that he can keep batters off-balance with this repertoire of good pitches makes France very effective.

How effective? Get ready to be excited.

The average ERA in the PCL is 5.82 this year as of yesterday.

  • J.P. France's 2.33 ERA is THIRD best among 41 pitchers with 18 IP.

  • J.P. France's 3.09 FIP is the BEST among 41 pitchers with 18 IP.

Think it is too early to be quoting 2023 season stats. I agree; let's do 2022.

40 pitchers with more than 80 IP in the PCL

  • J.P. France's 3.90 ERA is SIXTH best among the 40 pitchers. Brown was first. Bielak was fourth.

  • J.P. France's 4.60 FIP is the NINTH among the 40 pitchers. Brown was first. Bielak was fourth.

Folks, listen to me now and hear me later. You are going to enjoy J.P. France.

At some point, someone on Twitter is going to point out that Urquidy had a 5.20 ERA and Garcia had a 4.00 ERA. They are going to ask "Did we REALLY lose out by having France join the starting rotation?" I do not mean that to throw shade at Garcia and Uquidy. France is the next man up. He is ready; are you?

Get Ready for France Day!

If you missed my thought on the other pitchers in AAA, check it out here.

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