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Astros Victory Tracker

Updated: 1 day ago

This graph will show folks how the 2023 compares with the 2022 106-win World Series season and the 2021 95-win ALCS Championship season.

I will update this weekly. Click on the graph to see it in full screen.

Updated 6/8/23

Astros in 2023 are trying to stay on pace with the 2021 team that won 95 games. They are currently behind that pace.

Last two year 62 games into the schedule:

- 2021- 1.0 game behind Athletics- 78.5% FanGraphs odds of making postseason

- 2022 - 9.5 game lead in the division- 98.7% FanGraphs odds of making postseason

- 2023- 4.5 games behind Rangers- 80.9% FanGraphs odds of making postseason

Friends, the Astros are closer to missing the wild card completely than they are to catching the Rangers. BOTH, Toronto and LA Angels are closer to the Astros.

Where do you think the Astros end the season?

So, to all of those who answered this poll "better" in December. What WERE you smoking?

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