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Astros: The Best Teams Don’t Want Houston

Seemingly every MLB city’s fans chant “We want Houston” when their team wins a postseason series.

Well you could have fooled me Astros fans.

Let’s review the teams that lost this postseason

- Atlanta - 104-58

- Baltimore - 101-61

- Los Angeles - 100-62

- Tampa Bay - 99-63

All of the teams with a better record than the Astros are OUT! The only teams left:

- Houston - 90-72

- Texas - 90-72

- Philadelphia - 90-72

- Arizona - 84-78

If Houston (90-72) plays Philadelphia (90-72) in the World Series, the Phillies will have the home field advantage.

It's wild how all of the teams with the best records are gone!

Houston Astros Want

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