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Astros: Replacing Graveman

The Astros announced today that Kendall Graveman would be out for the 2024 season. How can the Astros replace Kendall Graveman?

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Now let's continue.

Just a reminder what I said about the Graveman trade WHEN IT HAPPENED:

Here is the 2024 truth- Kendall Graveman was projected to have a 4.31 FIP in 2024.

This is seventh among CURRENT Astros RP with more than 40 IP projected in 2024.

Abreu 3.35

Pressly 3.37

Montero 4.05

Mushinski 4.15

Blanco 4.21

Sousa 4.26

So, while, YES, I would like to sign another RP, I don't want the Astros to sign a RHRP projected to have the same FIP as number 6 RP Blanco- Neris. That is called being redundant and building false promises.

Robert Stephenson's 3.86 FIP looks like a way more constructive fit, but that's just me. He is projected to be cheaper than Neris too. Not sure if that is true.

Astros learn a lesson PLEASE. Do NOT sign RP who are going to be age 33 or older. If you do, and there are a few I would sign at bargain basement prices; do not assume they will be a high leverage option.

Here are my bargain basement options. ALL are LHRP.

Joely Rodriguez- 32- 4.09

Scott Alexander- 34- 4.10 (that sounds familiar)

Jake Diekman- 37- 4.21 (that sounds familiar)

Yes, there are still options that the Astros can pursue. Most Astros fans will dismiss this and demand Neris and his 2023 ERA of 1.71 ignoring:

  • the 3.83 FIP

  • his age 35

  • his unsustainably low BABIP last year- 0.219

My hope is that the Astros make the smart move to replace Graveman and not the popular one.

In some ways the Graveman injury just helps the Astros not give innings to a player that was unlikely to perform well in 2024. It is NOT a time to panic. The targets I THOUGHT the Astros would pursue as RP Free Agents are still available. Just make the smart move.

Here is a little test for you.

Who am I?

I am a Relief Pitcher.

I am in my 30s.

I had a career year in my last contract season.

My BABIP in that season was 60 points below my career average.

I pitched for the Astros.

I want(ed) to be paid as a top five Free Agent Relief Pitcher by AAV.

Who am I?

That is both Montero and Graveman. Are we going to learn the Free Agent Relief Pitcher lessons yet?

Replacing Graveman


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