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Astros: Jose Abreu IS INDEED BACK

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Last night, Abreu hit a double off a slider in the first inning.

Last night, Abreu hit a Home Run off a slider in the fourth inning.

The only other slider Abreu saw last night was in the dirt. After that pitch, he hit a four-seam fastball for a single in the ninth inning.

Folks, using the metrics we have shown before I want to show you why we can know that Jose Abreu is back.

May 28th- the night Abreu found "it" in Oakland for his first home run.

Here are the stats before and after.

Abreu before and after 5/28

We highlighted Abreu was struggling the MOST with breaking pitches- Sliders, Curves, and Sweepers.

We highlighted on June 5th, that the exit velocity was climbing, and this was possibly a GREAT first sign.

June 7th- Abreu went 1/3

June 8th- Abreu went 2/4

June 9th- Abreu went 2/7 with a HR and 3 RBI

June 10th- Abreu went 2/5 with a HR and 3 RBI

I am not trying to sound like a know it all. I am trying to show you that when our Astros have an issue, I am on it. I will write about it; and when that issue is fixed, I will gleefully tell you.

Folks, I am about to show you that barring a major setback, JOSE ABREU IS INDEED BACK!

Here is the pitch data we were hyper concerned about.

Abreu by pitch type

I don't know who that before 5/28 guy is, but I never want to meet him again. That guy had the worst WAR in the MLB.

The guy, since that night in Oakland, looks like the guy the White Sox fans know. He is murdering breaking balls again as he did last night.

Jose Abreu is back, and we need him now more than ever without Yordan for a month.

Warning, this is baseball. Abreu will still have bad nights like he had tonight. EVERY player has bad nights. The key is to make good contact and he has done that since 5/28.

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