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Astros: How Many Times Have They Been Optioned This Year- Tracker

Because the Astros have so many players that have been optioned repeatedly this year, I thought I would put together this quick little tracker. This will help you understand the constraints the Astros have.

Players may only be optioned five times per season; after that, it requires outright assignment waivers to assign the player to the Minor Leagues.

Therefore, Blanco or Cousins can come back to the Astros. However, HE MUST be DFAed to send him back down.

Also you should know that

"Upon being optioned to the Minor Leagues, a position player must remain there for a minimum of 10 days before he is eligible to be recalled to the Major League roster. For pitchers, the minimum is 15 days."

Martinez can't be called up until 9/8

Bielak can't be called up until 9/9

Muchinski can't be called up until 9/5

I say Blanco should be here until 9/5. The Astros disagreed and sent him down on 8/27.

Blanco can't be called up until 9/11

Amazing. The ONLY long relief option to call up is Dubin until 9/5?

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