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Astros: Gurriel vs. Abreu

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

We are celebrating Jose Abreu Day today at LarryTheGM!

Yes, I am revisiting this dead horse to completely put it out of its misery. Some Astros fan have complained that they wished they still had Yuli Gurriel here. This article is for you.

I am well aware that some of you are going to hate this. I know some of you are going to try to revise history and say you NEVER said Abreu was better. You will claim you did not say Abreu sucks. Folks, as Dion Sanders says "I got receipts."

I have a simple question. Astros fans, given the data below, who would you rather have at 1B, Gurriel or Abreu?

Abreu vs. Gurriel

Abreu has been leading Gurriel in xwOBA for a lot of the 2023 season even when the actual results did not agree.

As of last night, Abreu is now better in wRC+ this season. He will pass Gurriel in all stats soon (except season WAR).

Constraints on your decision:

  1. DO NOT FACTOR the salary of each player.

  2. DO FOCUS on the postseason run. Who would you rather have RIGHT NOW?

  3. You can only chose one or the other.

Who is better?

  • Gurriel

  • Abreu

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Since 5/28, Abreu has actually delivered 0.4 WAR and hit 106 wRC+.

In 11 games with 48 PA since returning from injury 8/23/23, Abreu has delivered 0.3 WAR and hit 0.915 OPS and 147 wRC+. I will go to my grave believing that SOMETHING was done to improve Abreu's eyesight while he was on the IL.

No, his season stats do NOT justify his contract. He has been significantly better than the disaster he was for the first two months.

During that two-month period MANY in this fan base excessively whined that the team let Yuli Gurriel go. Folks, Gurriel has BEEN AWFUL for the last three plus months. He has delivered -0.8 WAR since 5/28 in the period this team would have cratered if they had to endure that performance at 1B. Sure, Gurriel would have been cheap compared to Abreu. By the end of the season, it might be clear that the Astros would have gotten what they paid for here.

So, YES, I am going to reset this dead horse issue because I want the Yuli cult to stop it. Yuli WAS NOT ever the right choice. I want the Yuli cult to LEARN from this. Some of us TOLD YOU at age 39 he was neither an everyday 1B NOR a utility player. He STILL has not played a single game in a position other than 1B. He was SO BAD the Marlins traded for Josh Bell. Bell probably WAS the probably the guy the Astros should have signed but that is a debate for another day.

IF the Astros had not signed Abreu and ONLY brought Yuli back, they too would have been trading for a 1B at the trade deadline OR they would now be out of contention. That is how bad Yuli has been for the last three plus months.

Folks, Abreu MAY have not been the best choice for the Astros to sign this offseason. Abreu has now surpassed Gurriel in many full season stats. Abreu is raking when we need him the most.

Gurriel WAS NEVER the right choice to bring back as a starter at 1B this offseason- NEVER.

I WARNED YOU. This article was written for the #YuliTreatment crowd.

The folks that took the bait will now get this article.


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