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Astros False Narratives "Yuli has been good lately"

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

I am taking a break from social media. I am tired of telling the truth on Twitter and being hammered by people with lots of followers that hate hearing the truth. Therefore, ONLY you my subscribers will see this. If you repeat it or share it, that is on you.

I am just going to start hammering the lies that get spread. Lies is too harsh. These are things that may have once been true but aren't anymore.

Today, the false narrative "Yuli has been good" lately is in my crosshairs. Yuli was good for several weeks. He has not been good for the last four weeks. NO ONE else will tell you that but I just did. Here is the proof.

Career - 114 wRC+

2022 Season- 92 wRC+

April 2022- 70 wRC+

May 2022- 78 wRC+

June 2022- 116 wRC+

July 2022- 119 wRC+

August 2022- 11 wRC+

From 6/1 to 7/9- 128 wRC+ (126 PA)

FIVE and a HALF WEEKS- about 20% of the season, Yuli did what he usually does in June and July, He GOT hot. Notice PAST TENSE.


SINCE 7/10/22- 76 wRC+ (89 PA)

FOUR WEEKS - about 15% of the season and in that time Yuli was just as bellow average in that stretch as he was the first two months.

Yuli has not gotten a walk since 7/25. In his last 45 PA- ZERO walks. In his last 99PA since 7/10, Yuli has ONLY gotten TWO walks. This is atrocious. The problem with that is last year- one of his two career years- Yuli walked at almost DOUBLE his career rate (9.8% vs. 5.7%). The fact that Yuli is not walking currently IS a problem and at the root of his production issues.

You are thinking, but Larry this was all solved when Yuli went to the second spot in the order. FALSE.

SINCE 7/27/22- 91 wRC+ (44 PA)- when Yuli assumed the second spot in the lineup

He has been BELOW his season average in the second spot in the order.

STOP listening to those with big followings who don't tell you the truth. They do not deserve your time. Trust people that tell you the truth and back it up with data. We will ALWAYS do that here.

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