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Astros: Chas Surges and Meyers Cools

Unravel the Astros' fan base debate in "Chas Surges and Meyers Cools." Discover the summer showdown between Chas and Jake, and the trade dilemma of Meyers or McCormick.

There is a raging debate in the Astros fan base, and it has been going on for three years.

Who is better - Chas or Jake?

Who should the Astros trade - Meyers or McCormick?

Chas sucks! McCormick is GREAT!

Jake sucks! Meyers is an All-Star!

It is so exhausting.

Last night Chas hit 2 Home Runs while going 3 for 3.

  • His OPS jumped from 0.560 to 0.644

  • His wOBA jumped from 0.254 to 0.284

  • His xwOBA jumped from 0.288 to 0.308

  • his wRC+ jumped from 62 to 84

In one night. One magical night that propelled McCormick to be second on the Astros in wRC+ in June with a 166 wRC+. Is this Chas getting hot or a fluke.

As you can see below, Chas typically heats up in the summer. Jake cools down in summer.

This drives the fan base dysfunction.

This season is typical- Chas is surging and Meyers is cooling.

What does is it mean? Probably that Chas will play more and Jake less. Jake thrives when playing every day

Welcome to Astros fandom.

Who is better? That probably depends on how you define better.

I know it does not look like it so far in 2024 (see above), but Chas is probably the better hitter. Jake is probably the probably the better fielder.

If you could combine them and get the peak performances of each, you probably have an All-Star.

We don't have that capability. Expect Espada to play both against LHP a lot with Loperfido (a different topic) to sit. Expect him to dig into the details vs. RHP for the best matchup. That is generally been what he has been doing.

Chas seems to be back. It is officially summer which has been his season.

Who gets traded? I think that depends on who is doing what on about July 20th. Currently, McCormick has about 70% of the trave value of Meyers. Either COULD net the team something decent (a rental third SP maybe, a RH 1B to platoon with Singleton).

Year four and the Chas and Jake debate continues. I love them both for who they are- above average MLB outfielders that have hot and cold streaks.

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