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Astros and Longhorns New Year's Resolutions

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Earlier today we gave you our New Year's song.

The first thing a lot of people do to start the year is give their New Year's Resolutions. We will do the same here at LarryTheGM.

Here are my official LarryTheGM New Years Resolutions for the Astros in 2022

  • Sign Free Agent LHRP Andrew Chafin

  • DO NOT go more than 7 years with Correa and if that means he leaves, he leaves

  • Develop Jeremy Pena to a quality starting shortstop

  • Facilitate Alex Bregman's 2022 return to being the best 3B in the MLB- potential comeback player of the year candidate

  • Support Kyle Tucker's MVP campaign

  • Publicize the "Rocket Arms" of the Astros Young stud pitching staff

  • Make the one or two trades needed to make the Astros invincible

  • Win 100+ games again

  • Win the ALDS

  • Win the ALCS

  • Win the World Series (see the song here)

I ask the excellent writers at LarryTheGM to add their 2022 Astros resolutions here


  1. I definitely feel that they need another RP, preferably a lefty.

  2. SS seems like a glaring issue. I don't think Correa is coming back, it needs to be addressed somehow.

  3. Keep Verlander and McCullers healthy. Getting 175 innings each would be amazing.

  4. Win the AL West.

  5. Win a playoff series. I'm not sure this team as constructed right now is capable of winning a WS. So I'm going to set a little less lofty of a goal. Getting to another ALCS would be sweet.

Add YOUR resolutions for the Astros here in the forums.

Here are my official LarryTheGM New Years Resolutions for the Longhorns in 2022

  • Get Devon Campbell to commit to the Longhorns in February and shock the world with at least one more top recruit signing

  • Fill the last few critical needs through the transfer portal- LT, LB, Edge, S, WR

  • Get the young top recruits of the 2022 recruiting class ready to play THIS YEAR

  • Support Ewers to Heisman level QB play

  • Shock the world by going 10-2 or better behind at least 4 transfers and 4 freshman transforming this team to winners.

Add YOUR resolutions for the Longhorns here in the forums.

We have a surprise or two coming very very soon to LarryTheGM. Stay Tuned.

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