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Astros ALDS Roster- The Case for Taylor Jones

On 10/3/21, I laid out what I thought the Astros ALDS roster should be and what I thought it will be here.

I promised some follow-up articles. In this follow-up essay, I will address why I believe Taylor Jones should be on the ALDS roster.

First, I ask you to forget we are discussing Taylor Jones. Let me quote from my “Who Am I” article

  • My OPS (0.948) is third on the Astros since the All-Star Break (Min 40 PA)

  • I have driven in more runners per plate appearance since the All-Star Break than any other Astros player with more than 40 PA

  • My OPS for the 2021 season with RISP is 1.000 (wRC+ 159). This is only in 33 PA because I have not played a lot

  • If you combine my AAA and MLB stats this year, my slash line would be 0.301/ 0.375/ 0.518/ 0.894. Among Astros with 100 PA that would be

    • Third in batting average

    • Second in OBP

    • Third in SLG

    • Second in OPS

  • In an even more fair assessment, if you discount my AAA stats by 80% (and increase strikeout 120%) and then combine those stats with my MLB stats, my slash line would be 0.257/ 0.323/ 0.442/ 0.765. Among Astros with 100 PA that would be

    • Tenth in batting average- tied with McCormick- ahead of Castro, Gonzalez, and Maldonado

    • Ninth in OBP- tied with Meyers- ahead of McCormick, Diaz, Gonzalez, and Maldonado

    • Eighth in SLG- 0.001 behind Castro- ahead of Meyers, Brantley, Bregman, Diaz, Gonzalez, and Maldonado

    • Tenth in OPS- 0.001 behind McCormick- ahead of Meyers, Diaz, Gonzalez, and Maldonado

Even with the reduction of the minor league stats Jones would project to have a full season of 21 HR and 103 RBI. This would be an above average MLB player.

Another way to consider this because I think the decision essentially comes down to Siri or Jones is who was better in Sugar Land this year over a more statistically significant number of plate appearance?

The answer is Jones. Jones was statistically on par with Meyers and both were better than Siri.

I have stated before I think the post season is about taking advantage of single moments in time. Imagine this scenario

It is the seventh inning game tied 2-2

  • Aaron Blummer (LHP) just started the inning by giving up a double to Tucker

  • Meyers just struck out- one out

  • Maldonado is due up

  • Siri was used as a PR for Brantley last inning and stayed in LF (if he is not on the team then McCormick was used as the PR)

Who do you want going to the plate?

  • Jones 0.908 OPS vs. LHP

  • McCormick 0.822 OPS vs. LHP

  • Diaz 0.789 OPS vs. LHP

  • Gonzalez 0.713 OPS

  • Maldonado 0.665 OPS vs. LHP

  • Castro 0.561 OPS vs. LHP

I want Jones. That is why Jones is on my ALDS roster.

To read my take on Siri, click here.

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