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Astros: Abreu Returns TODAY?

Today, Brian McTaggart sent out this Tweet/ X Post

Abreu Tweet

I have to admit. I was wrong. I didn't think there was ANY way the Astros would rush back a 36-year-old player who has been suffering from a back issue MOST of the season to the point that he has played like an absolute shell of himself.

The Houston Astros placed 1B José Abreu on the 10-day injured list retroactive to August 10, 2023, with lumbar spine inflammation. They admitted then he had been dealing with back issues the entire season.

IN TWO WEEKS, we are supposed to believe a back issue that has been a problem has been resolved and NO rehab assignment AT ALL is needed.

With all due respect, do you think we are stupid?

I am going to need a much more complete explanation. This does not make sense.

We are going to hear:

"We really need Abreu back. First Base has been an issue without him."

Oh Really?

In 12 games at 1B while Jose Abreu has been out, Singleton and Diaz have combined for

0.239/ 0.340/ 0.543/ 0.883 for a wRC+ of 141.

As a reminder in 2023 Jose Abreu has hit

0.234/ 0.291/ 0.343/ 0.634 for a wRC+ of 75.

For his CAREER, Abreu has hit

0.287/ 0.349/ 0.494/ 0.842 for a wRC+ of 128.

In no world would one expect Abreu would be better than what we have gotten from 1B.

Also, Abreu has been a bottom third fielder at 1B.

I am just going to keep it real with you Astros fans. There are three scenarios here.

  1. The Astros are feeling desperate and willing to take chances. They are HOPING that the treatments they have given Abreu are enough to get him through the postseason,

  2. They KNOW this is going to fail but want to tell the fan base they tried.

  3. The Astros training staff is incompetent, and they simply refused to execute a simple two week cure all season long.

I assume it is the first scenario.

Based on feedback let me give you a fourth possibility

4. The Astros gave Abreu cortisone shot in his back are which now has him feeling great. They know this is a temporary solution so get him back and see how he does. One has to wonder how this would impact Abreu's availability for the postseason.

If you have a scenario that THIS makes sense, please add a comment below.

I will have more to come on the impact I think both Abreu and Brantley will have on the lineup tomorrow.

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