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Astros- A Song for Maldy and Abreu

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

I have so much more to say about Dusty Baker and his saying that Diaz is "learning his craft," but I want to give you this simple fact and I will incorporate it into the Maldy tracker probably tomorrow (I am working on some other things.) And I want to give you a song to think of for when you see Maldy and Abreu.


Many Astros fans are aware that Jose Abrea has THE worst WAR of all qualified A in the MLB.

If we lower the PA filter down to 150 PA something else important becomes clear. There are 224 MLB players with 150 PAs in 2023.

  • Abreu's -1.3 WAR is 224th still of course

  • Maldonado's -0.6 WAR is 218th

That is right. the starting C and 1B are delivering -1.9 WAR combined and are BOTH in the BOTTOM SEVEN. My quick research says that the last time a World Series Champion had two players with more than 150 PA that combined for -2.0 WAR was 2005.

The Astros have two players at - 1.9 WAR now and that would be on pace for -5.0!

Other "fun" facts

With the same 224 players

  • wRC+- Abreu (49) 220th, Maldy (65) 214th

  • K%- Maldonado 13th highest- 31.8%

  • ISO- Abreu (0.049) 221st, Maldonado (0.096) 194th

  • OBP- Abreu (0.272) 212th, Maldonado (0.283) 202nd

  • Defense

    • Catchers (19 players)- Maldonado's -2.8 defensive WAR is 17th out of 19

    • First Base (38 players)- Abreu's -5.6 defensive WAR is 29th out of 38

They don't hit.

They don't hit for power.

They don't get on.

They don't play decent defense.

What do they do? Strikeout

The team would be better off with them gone, but you can't just dump them. You CAN bench them. Dusty won't.

As I wrote this, this song was stuck in my head. Older folks will know it. You will remember the song Goody Two Shoes (1982) by Adam Ant?

The Original Lyrics

Goody two, goody two, goody, goody two shoes

Goody two, goody two, goody, goody two shoes

You don't drink, don't smoke, what do you do?

You don't drink, don't smoke, what do you do?

Your subtle innuendos follow

There must be somethin' inside

My Lyrics

WasGoody, wasgoody, wasgoody, wasgoody two shoes

NotGoody, notgoody, notgoody, notgoody two shoes

You don't hit, don't field, what do you do?

You don't walk, don't power, what do you do?

You're at the bottom of all others

Dusty still searching for somethin' inside

This will be in your head now for every Maldy and Abreu PA- sorry not sorry.

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